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1912   Baseball Bats
Player Checklist

# Player Team Border

(1)Red AmesN. Y. Nat.white
(2)Home Run BakerPhila.white
(3)Jack BarryPhila.white
(4)Ginger Beaumont??
(5)Chief BenderPhila. Am.orange
(6)Al BridwellN. Y. Nat.white
(7)Mordecai BrownChicago Nat.orange
(8)Bill Corrigan (Carrigan)Bostonwhite
(9)Frank ChanceChicago Nat.orange
(10)Hal ChaseN. Y. Am.orange
(11)Ed CicotteBostonwhite
(12)Fred Clark (Clarke)Pittsburghwhite
(13)Ty CobbDetroit Amorange
(14)King ColeChicagowhite
(15)Eddie CollinsPhila. Am.orange
(16)Sam CrawfordDetroitorange
(17)Elmer CrigerBoston Amer.orange
(18)Lou CrigerNY Amer.white
(19)Harry DavisPhila.white
(20)Jim DelehantyDetroitwhite
(21)Art DevlinN. Y.orange
(22)Josh DevoreN. Y. Nat.white
(23)Wild Bill DonovanDetroit Am.both
(24)Larry DoyleN. Y. Nat.orange
(25)Johnny EversChi Nat.orange
(26)John FlynnChicagoboth
(27)George GibsonPittsburgwhite
(28)Solly Hoffman (Hofman)Chi. Nat.white
(29)Walter JohnsonWash Amorange
(30)Johnny KlingChic. Natorange
(31)Nap LajoieClevelandwhite
(32)Christy MathewsonN. Y. Nat.orange
(33)Matty McIntyreDetroitboth
(34)Fred MerkleN. Y. Nat.orange
(35)Danny MurphyPhila. Amer.white
(36)Tom NeedhamChi. Nat.white
(37)Rube OldringPhila.orange
(38)Wildfire SchulteChi Nat.both
(39)Cy SeymourNew Yorkwhite
(40)Jimmy SheckardChi Nat.white
(41)Tris SpeakerBoston Amer.both
(42)Oscar Stanage (front)Detroitwhite
(43)Oscar Stanage (side)Detroitwhite
(44)Ira ThomasPhila.white
(45)Joe TinkerChicago Nat.white
(46)Heinie WagnerBostonwhite
(47)Honus WagnerPitts Nat.orange
(48)Ed WalshChi Amer.white
(49)Art WilsonN. Y. Nat.orange
(50)Owen WilsonPittsburghwhite

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