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2012 National (a few Vintage BBC Collectors)

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A few of the vintage baseball card collectors that attended the show.

Rich Klein

Mike Peich & Zack Rice

Peter Thomas

Mark Anderson

Jim Blumenthal & Mark Squires

Tom Boblett

Alan Schwarz

Brian Dwyer

Yours Truly (center) with brothers Joel (left) & Rick Klein

Paula & friend. Paula is not a collector but did attend the National (to help staff a booth at the show) and had an interesting story. Her ticketed seat on the flight segment from Houston to Baltimore happened to be next to Brett and me (lucky us). She had a large bag that had to have been very close to carry-on size limits. When we noted that we thought she had packed rather efficiently considering that she was going to be in Baltimore for over four days, she informed us that the carry-on only contained her shoes and that she had checked the bulk of her luggage at the ticket counter!
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