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2008 Series

2008 Bonus Prizes

The five players with the most cumulative points at the end of 2008 will be awarded additional prizes by Old Cardboard as follows:

The 2008 Grand Champion will receive a "Roving Trophy" with a panel inscribed showing each year's winner. This trophy will reside with the first place winner for the previous year, then forwarded to the new winner at the end of his or her reign. The top place winner agrees to protect the valued trophy at all costs and to forward it (well wrapped and protected) to the succeeding Champion for the following year. An add-on brass plate inscribed with each new Champion's name will be provided by Old Cardboard. The trophy, as shown here, features a four-inch poker chip atop a black marble base.

In addition, a prize package will be awarded to each of the top five players. Each package will include:

1) A free one-year subscription renewal to Old Cardboard magazine.

2) A small (five-inch) trophy inscribed with the winning player's name, final leaderboard ranking (i.e., 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th Place Winner), and "2008 Old Cardboard Texas Hold'em Tournament." An example of the planned trophy is shown here. However, based on availability at the end of the year when the trophies are ordered and inscribed, a trophy of similar size and quality may be substituted.

3) A complete commemorative edition of "Lawson's Patent Baseball Card Game." This is a quality reprint of the full 36-card deck, complete with a 20-page instruction booklet and boxed just like the original game when it was first produced in 1884. The game is said to have gained widespread popularity and was played among actual Major League players in a tournament conducted by Lawson himself in 1885. These commemoratiave sets, produced on the 120th anniversary of the original, were donated by Tony Fatseas, creator of the commemorative set. Note: the Lawson comemorative set was described in Issue #24 (April 2006) of the Old Cardboard eNewsletter. The original Lawson card set is profiled on the Lawson Card Game page of the Old Cardboard website.

4) A 15-ounce can of "Lyman's Famous Home Made Chili." Helps add a little Texas flavor to your on-line Texas Hold'em experience. This famous recipe originated in Texas in 1895, making it older than all but the most vintage of vintage baseball card sets. It remains today the most popular chili sold in Texas--a place where chili is designated as the "official" state food. For more information and a breif history of Lyman's (aka Wolf Brand) Chili, click here)!

Note: only those who are active subscribers to Old Cardboard magazine at the time of each monthly tournament will qualify to be awarded points toward the trophy and the other bonus prizes described above. This provision applies on a tournament by tournament basis.

The legal mumbo jumbo: All members of Old Cardboard staff (as well as their family, kids, grandkids, horses and dogs)
are eligible to compete for these prizes on an equal basis with all other contestants. Void where prohibited by law.

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