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Deep in the
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2008 Series

2008 Players

(Note: new players welcome for each monthly tournament)

The overriding difference between public on-line tournaments and this private tournament is that the players in this tournament have a common interest and generally get to know each other as vintage baseball card and memorabilia collectors. To help achieve that goal, we will attempt to provide micro profiles for all players. As time permits, this player list will be expanded. You can help by sending an email to with very basic information about yourself and your collecting interests. Please include the brief infomation in the table below (i.e., your full name, PokerStars ID, the town and state in which you live along with very brief comments about your profession, collecting interests, other hobbies, etc.). At your option and space permitting, we will be happy to also include your email address and/or website URL. Thanks for your input and your support in making the tournaments a Texas-friendly gathering place for meeting new friends in the vintage card hobby.   (in order of PokerStars ID)

Pokerstars ID Player City/State Email/Website

bdbutcherBrent ButcherSealy,
    Long time collector and Old Cardboard subscriber that collects mostly boxing cards

bicem20Jeff PriznerPlano,
    Collecting since 1989; Collects Turkey Red, Cracker Jack, more. See OC Collector's Dugout index.

BrettHardemnBrett HardemanAustin,
    Old Cardboard Business Manager, occasionally reads magazine; 34-year-old part-time bartender

cardtargetMike MasinickStafford,
    Co-owner of; now about halfway toward completion of a T206 set; lives in No. Virginia

charger387Fred MoaseCarbondale,
    Attorney in Scranton area, collects Topps sets (currently '52/'55/'70), T206, Pete Gillespie cards (1887 Giants)

JablowmiOneLarry OrdetAventura,
    Collector from Florida. Collecting interests to be added later (Larry: please send info. Thanks

jdmgomooJustin MasonCedar Park,
    Old Cardboard website database developer; Lyman's favorite son-in-law; Brett's favorite brother-in-law

large trainMartin NealCharlottesville,
    Martin collects T205 and T206 sets, but says his main goal "is to not finish last in this tournament!"

LRGallowayLance GallowayMobile,
    In construction business; Collects T206 and other T and E cards; also sells cards.

Nagurski3Tom MorganNaperville,
    Runs card shop in Naperville, IL; Host on radio show for collectors in Chicago area; HOF autograph collector.

NY6986707394Richard SimonNew York
    Autograph dealer for 22 years; collects Mets, Giants (baseball), Knicks and Rangers cards and memorabilia.

OldCardboardLyman HardemanAustin,
    Old Cardboard janitor; Brett & Justin's slave; collects type cards, trade cards, supplements, postcards

PDXPCLAndrew AdeboiPortland,
    Collects both sports and non-sports cards. Missed January tournament due to honeymoon in Bangkok.

sandowHenry MosesWellington,
    Collects mostly vintage non-sports cards; N557 "Little Rhody" women baseball trade cards, etc.

sb1charlieScott BrockelmanHurst,
    Longtime exhibitor at National Card Show; collects W600, T204 Ramly, 19th century cards

Tam & JC"JC" ClarkeTyrone,
    Collects everything; JC's extensive collection is showcased at

TheKidNYCJason BardenNew York
    Co-owner of website; collects some vintage, mostly newer cards; 11 years in Manhattan.

viodevTrae ReganDeland,
    Operates vintage card websites at and; collects T206 "White Border" cards.

Wite3Joshua LevineSanta Clara,
    Collects Phillies cards and memorabilia. Also working on T205, Obak, Swell Sport Thrills, and more

wolfie51sbRob DewolfWesterville,
    Collects Cleveland Indians memorabilia as well as R306 "Butter Cream" and other vintage card sets.

ZeenutSteve MurrayArlington Heights,
    Real estate attorney in Chicago area; collects baseball postcards, T200 Fatima Team Cards, C46, type cards

PLEASE NOTE: Will the following players please identify yourselves
with the above basic information by sending an email to


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