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The Old Cardboard 
Deep in the Heart of ... ... Hold'em Tournaments
2011 Series

Note: The Old Cardboard Texas Hold'em tournaments for vintage card collectors have been shut down by the U.S. Government. We deeply regret the disruption in our monthly private tournaments and strongly protest the government's action to further restrict the rights of its citizens. Now midway through sponsoring our fourth annual series of the private events for vintage card collectors, we are no longer able to sponsor the monthly games.

Over these four years, many of us have also played in low-stakes online public tournaments with players from many dozens of countries all over the world. Sadly, the citizens of the "land of the free" are now the only ones to be denied access to this global form of entertainment.

Isn't it ironic that we are no longer allowed to play Texas Hold'em from our homes in Texas, but are able to play freely when visiting Moscow in "the land of the oppressed?"

We will continue to look (and hope) for alternatives in conducting these monthly tournaments. Meanwhile, write your Congressman!

2011 Schedule 2011 Bonus Prizes 2011 Leaderboard

From our offices deep in the heart of Texas, we at Old Cardboard are sponsoring an ongoing series of on-line Texas Hold'em Tournaments for collectors of vintage cards and memorabilia. The first tournament that will kick off the 2011 Series will be held on January 25. Additional tournaments are scheduled each month throughout the year.

As before, all of the tournaments will be low-stakes events intended solely for the enjoyment of the participants. They will be private tournaments run by PokerStars ("the world's largest poker room") and will follow the same rules used by PokerStars for their public on-line tournaments. Of the $11 buy-in for each monthly tournament, $10 will apply directly to the prize pool and $1 will go to PokerStars for their on-line hosting services.

The games are set to begin at 7:30 pm Texas time (20:30 Eastern) on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Tournaments for November and December have been moved up one week so they do not interfere with National Holidays (see 2011 Schedule for details). Each monthly tournament is expected to last approximately two hours.

Bonus Awards to Old Cardboard Subscribers

In addition to the cash winnings for the top place winners of each monthly tournament (paid directly by PokerStars), Old Cardboard will be awarding trophies and other bonus prizes, not the least of which will be Texas Size Bragging Rights going into 2012! These prizes will be based on the total bonus points accumulated by each player throughout the year. The top five eligible players in each monthly tournament will be awarded bonus points as follows:

1st Place Winner:7 bonus points
2nd Place Winner:5 bonus points
3rd Place Winner:3 bonus points
4th Place Winner:2 bonus points
5th Place Winner:1 bonus point

Again, these points are awarded in addition to the cash winnings paid by PokerStars for each monthly tournament. The five players with the most cumulative points at the end of the year will be awarded Old Cardboard's bonus prizes. Top prize will include a "Roving Trophy" with a panel inscribed for that year's winner. This trophy will reside with the top place winner from the previous year, then forwarded to the new winner each year. Addition prizes will be divided equally among the five players with the most points accumulated throughout the year. Details of all of these Bonus Prizes for the 2011 Tournaments (nothing major here) are described on the 2011 Bonus Prizes page.

Through this section of the Old Cardboard website, we will post Leaderboard Updates and keep all players informed about the status of the tournament series. Just select the link below to view the monthly updates.

Monthly Winners and Leaderboard Updates

All collectors of vintage baseball cards are invited to play in the series and will of course be entitled to participate in the cash winnings awarded by PokerStars for each monthly tournament. However, only those who are active subscribers to Old Cardboard magazine at the time of each monthly tournament will be eligible to receive bonus points toward the trophy and other prizes at the end of the year.

Getting Set up for Tournament Play

To register with PokerStars, you must first download and install PokerStars software from their website at www.pokerstars.com. End user versions are available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

In signing up for PokerStars, you will establish a PokerStars User ID. You will then need to fund your account to play in each monthly tournament (buy-in is $11). Once your account is funded, you will be set to register for the private tournaments.

To register for each monthly tournament from the PokerStars Main Lobby, select "Tourney," then "Private." You will see a list of all private tourneys. Scroll down to the date and time of the Old Cardboard tournament and you will see the tourney name as Old Cardboard #1, #2 ..., etc. Click on the tournament name to be taken to the tournament lobby.

Alternatively, as a short-cut to the Old Cardboard private tournament lobby from the PokerStars Main Lobby, select "Requests," then "Find a tournament." from the pull-down menu.

In either case, a pop-up window will appear asking for the PokerStars tournament ID number. This will be posted (along with the Password needed to register for each monthly tournament) on the 2011 Schedule page of the Old Cardboard website a week or two before the tournament begins.

Seating is assigned by PokerStars about 2 minutes before the tournament begins.

We look forward to a fun-filled series of tournaments in 2011. Good luck to all.

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