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1911   T332   Helmar Stamps
Player Checklist

Card   Player   Team

(1)Babe AdamsPittsburgh, Nat.
(2)Red AmesNew York, Nat.
(3)Jimmy ArcherChicago, Nat.
(4)Jimmy AustinSt. Louis, Am.
(5)Home Run BakerPhiladelphia, Am.
(6)Neal BallCleveland, Am.
(7)Cy BargerBrooklyn, Nat.
(8)Jack BarryPhiladelphia, Am.
(9)Johnny BatesCincinatti, Nat.
(10)Fred BeckPhiladelphia, Nat.
(11)Beals BeckerNew York, Nat.
(12)George BellBrooklyn, Nat.
(13)Chief BenderPhiladelphia, Am.
(14)Bob BescherCincinnati, Nat.
(15)Joe BirminghamCleveland, Am.
(16)John BlissSt. Louis, Nat.
(17)Bruno BlockChicago, Am.
(18)Ping BodieChicago, Am.
(19)Roger BresnahanSt. Louis, Nat.
(20)Al BridwellBoston, Nat.
(21)Lew BrockettNew York, Am.
(22)Mordecai BrownChicago, Nat.
(23)Bill BurnsCincinnati, Nat.
(24)Donie BushDetroit, Am.
(25)Bobby ByrnePittsburgh, Nat.
(26)Nixey CallahanChicago, Am.
(27)Howie CamnitzPittsburgh, Nat.
(28)Max CareyPittsburgh, Nat.
(29)Bill CarriganBoston, Am.
(30)Frank ChanceChicago, Nat.
(31)Hal ChaseNew York, Am.
(32)Ed CicotteBoston, Am.
(33)Fred ClarkePittsburgh, Nat.
(34)Tommy ClarkeCincinnati, Nat.
(35)Ty CobbDetroit, Am.
(36)King ColeChicago, Nat.
(37)Eddie CollinsPhiladelphia Am.
(38)Shano CollinsChicago, Am.
(39)Wid ConroyWashington, Am.
(40)Doc CrandallNew York, Nat.
(41)Sam CrawfordDetroit, Am.
(42)Birdie CreeNew York, Am.
(43)Bill DahlenBrooklyn, Nat.
(44)Jake DaubertBrooklyn, Nat.
(45)Harry DavisCleveland, Am.
(46)Jim DelahantyDetroit, Am.
(47)Art DevlinNew York, Nat
(48)Josh DevoreNew York, Nat
(49)Mike DonlinPittsburgh, Nat.
(50)Wild Bill DonovanDetroit, Am.
(51)Red DooinPhiladelphia, Nat.
(52)Mickey DoolanPhiladelphia, Nat.
(53)Patsy DoughertyChicago, Am.
(54)Tom DowneyPhiladelphia, Nat.
(55)Larry DoyleNew York, Nat.
(56)Louis DruckeNew York, Nat.
(57)Clyde EngleBoston, Am.
(58)Tex ErwinBrooklyn, Nat.
(59)Steve EvansSt. Louis, Nat.
(60)Johnny EversChicago, Nat.
(61)Jack FerryPittsburgh, Nat.
(62)Ray FisherNew York, Am.
(63)Art FletcherNew York, Nat.
(64)Russ FordNew York, Am.
(65)Art FrommeCincinatti, Nat.
(66)Earl GardnerNew York, Am.
(67)Harry GasparCincinnati, Nat.
(68)George GibsonPittsburgh, Nat.
(69)Roy GoldenSt. Louis, Nat.
(70)Hank GowdyBoston, Nat.
(71)Peaches GrahamChicago, Nat.
(72)Eddie GrantCincinnati, Nat.
(73)Dolly GrayWashington, Am.
(74)Clark GriffithWashington, Am.
(75)Bob GroomWashington, Am.
(76)Bob HarmonSt. Louis, Nat.
(77)Grover HartleyNew York, Nat.
(78)Arnold HauserSt. Louis, Nat.
(79)Buck HerzogNew York, Nat.
(80)Dick HoblitzellCincinnati, Nat.
(81)Solly Hoffman (Hofman)Chicago, Nat.
(82)Miller HugginsSt. Louis, Nat.
(83)Long Tom HughesWashington, Am.
(84)John HummelBrooklyn, Am.
(85)Hughie JenningsDetroit, Am.
(86)Walter JohnsonWashington, Am.
(87)Davy JonesDetroit, Am.
(88)Johnny KlingBoston, Nat.
(89)Otto KnabePhiladelphia, Nat.
(90)Jack KnightWashington, Am.
(91)Ed KonetchySt Louis, Nat.
(92)Harry KrausePhiladelphia, Am.
(93)Nap LajoieCleveland, Am.
(94)Joe LakeSt. Louis, Am.
(95)Frank LaporteSt. Louis, Am.
(96)Tommy LeachPittsburgh, Nat.
(97)Lefty LeifieldPittsburgh, Nat.
(98)Ed LennoxChicago, Nat.
(99)Paddy LivingstonCleveland, Am.
(100)Hans LobertPhiladelphia, Nat.
(101)Harry LordChicago, Am.
(102)Fred LuderusPhiladelphia, Nat.
(103)Sherry MageePhiladelphia, Nat.
(104)Rube MarquardNew York, Nat.
(105)Christy MathewsonNew York, Nat.
(106)Al MatternBoston, Nat.
(107)George McBrideWashington, Am.
(108)Amby McConnellChicago, Am.
(109)John McGrawNew York Nat.
(110)Harry McIntireChicago, Nat.
(111)Matty McIntyreChicago, Am.
(112)Larry McLeanCincinnati, Nat.
(113)Fred MerkleNew York, Nat.
(114)Chief MeyersNew York, Nat.
(115)Clyde MilanWashington, Am.
(116)Dots MillerPittsburgh, Nat.
(117)Mike MitchellCincinnati, Nat.
(118)Earl MoorePhiladelphia, Nat.
(119)Pat MoranPhiladelphia, Nat.
(120)George MoriartyDetroit, Am.
(121)Mike MowreySt. Louis, Nat.
(122)George MullinDetroit, Am.
(123)Danny MurphyPhiladelphia, Am.
(124)Red MurrayNew York, Nat.
(125)Tom NeedhamChicago, Nat.
(126)Rebel OakesSt. Louis, Nat
(127)Rube OldringPhiladelphia Am.
(128)Marty O'ToolePittsburgh, Nat.
(129)Fred ParentChicago, Am.
(130)Dode PaskertPhiladelphia, Nat.
(131)Barney PeltySt. Louis, Am.
(132)Eddie PhelpsSt. Louis, Nat.
(133)Jack PowellSt. Louis, Am.
(134)Jack QuinnNew York, Am.
(135)Ed ReulbachChicago, Nat.
(136)Lew RichieChicago, Nat.
(137)Reggie RichterChicago, Nat.
(138)Jack RowanChicago, Nat.
(139)Nap RuckerBrooklyn, Nat.
(140)Slim SalleeSt. Louis, Nat.
(141)Doc ScanlanPhiladelphia, Nat.
(142)Germany SchaeferWashington, Am.
(143)Boss SchmidtDetroit, Am.
(144)Wildfire SchulteChicago, Nat.
(145)Jim ScottChicago, Am.
(146)Tillie ShaferNew York, Nat.
(147)Dave SheanChicago, Nat.
(148)Jimmy SheckardChicago, Nat.
(149)Mike SimonPittsburgh, Nat.
(150)Fred SnodgrassNew York, Nat.
(151)Tris SpeakerBoston, Am.
(152)Oscar StanageDetroit, Am.
(153)Bill SteeleSt. Louis, Nat.
(154)Harry StovallSt. Louis, Am.
(155)Gabby StreetNew York, Am.
(156)George SuggsCincinnati, Nat.
(157)Billy SullivanChicago, Am.
(158)Bill SweeneyBoston, Nat.
(159)Jeff SweeneyNew York, Am.
(160)Lee TannehillChicago, Am.
(161)Ira ThomasPhiladelphia, Am.
(162)Joe TinkerChicago, Nat.
(163)John TitusPhiladelphia, Nat.
(164)Fred ToneyChicago, Nat.
(165)Terry TurnerCleveland, Am.
(166)Hippo VaughnNew York, Am.
(167)Heinie WagnerBoston, Am.
(168)Bobby WallaceSt. Louis, Am.
(169)Ed WalshChicago, Am.
(170)Jack WarhopNew York, Am.
(171)Zach WheatBrooklyn, Nat.
(172)Doc WhiteChicago, Am.
(173)Ed WillettDetroit, Am.
(174)Art WilsonNew York, Nat.
(175)Owen WilsonPittsburgh, Nat.
(176)Hooks WiltseNew York, Nat.
(177)Harry WolterNew York, Am.
(178)Harry WolvertonNew York, Am.
(179)Cy YoungBoston, Am.
(180)Irv YoungChicago, Am.

Note: Player last name and team is as printed on stamp.

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