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The Old Cardboard 
Deep in the Heart of ... ... Hold'em Tournaments
2010 Series

Monthly Winners and Leaderboard for 2010 Trophies
(must be Old Cardboard magazine subscriber to qualify for Trophy points)

2010 Winners by Month
1st (7 points) 2nd (5 points) 3rd (3 points) 4th (2 points) 5th (1 point)

#1 January (Details) billcarriganBrettHardemnVanslykefanmhgt1855Raltnelas
#2 February (Details) 2005XKROldCardboardjdmgomooMoreGameslargertrain
#3 March (Details) VanslykefanOldCardboardRaltnelasWite3PDXPCL
#4 April (Details) PDXPCLWite3Hal ChaseOldCardboardRaltnelas
#5 May (Details) Hal ChaseWite3PDXPCLBrettHardemnVanslykefan
#6 June (Details) billcarriganOldCardboardVanslykefanlarge trainRaltnelas
#7 July (Details) BrettHardemnPDXPCLeffeQMoreGamesbillcarrigan
#8 August (Details) effeQHal ChaseRaltnelasBrettHardemnOldCardboard
#9 September (Details) VanslykefanjdmgomooOldCardboardRaltnelasbillcarrigan
#10 October (Details) PDXPCL2005XKReffeQVanslykefanbillcarrigan
#11 November (Details) VanslykefanBrettHardemnWite3OldCardboardRaltnelas
#12 December (Details) Vanslykefan2005XKRPDXPCLWite3MoreGames

2010 Leaderboard
As of the completion of Tournament #12 (Final)
Rank Player Total

1Rob Miller (Vanslykefan)37
2Andrew Adeboi (PDXPCL)26
3Lyman Hardeman (OldCardboard)23
4Brett Hardeman (BrettHardemn)21
5 (tie)Joshua Levine (Wite3)17
5 (tie)Steve Murray (2005XKR)17
5 (tie)Rawn Hill (billcarrigan)17
8David Bowden (Hal Chase)15
9John Effenheim (effeQ)13
10Steve Lucas (Raltnelas)11
11Justin Mason (jdmgomoo)8
12Alan Moon (MoreGames)5
13 (tie)Mike Healer (mhgt1855)2
13 (tie)Martin Neal (large train)2
15Jeff North (largertrain)1

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