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Old Cardboard greatfully acknowledges the tremendous support and assistance that we have received, without which this website would not be possible. The support has been generously provided in many forms, from the providing of card images from rare and obscure sets to the sharing of checklists and detailed set background information.

Those who contributed their time and knowledge make up a vast resource of fellow collectors and dealers. They deserve a big "thank you" from us, as website developers, and from all readers who will benefit from their collective effort. Some of the key contributors are:

Shawn Adkins (email) (website)
Rand & Alice Bailey (email) (website)
John Billingsley (email) (website)
Tom Boblitt (email) (website)
Scott Brockelman (email) (website)
David Bryan (email) (website)
John & Judy Burk (email) (website)
Peter Calderon (email) (website)
Ryan Christoff (email) (website)
Jim "JC" Clarke (email) (website)
Andy Cook (email) (website)
Bill Cornell (email) (website)
Scott Cowan (email) (website)
Wayne Delia (email) (website)

Eric Eichelkraut (email) (website)
John Esch (email) (website)
Phil Garry (email) (website)
Rob Lifson (email) (website)
Lew Lipset (email) (website)
Leon Luckey (email) (website)
Dan Mckee (email) (website)
Scott Mosley (email) (website)
Steve Murray (email) (website)
Seth Nagdeman (email) (website)
Tim Newcomb (email) (website)
Kevin Struss (email) (website)
Ted Zanidakis (email) (website)

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