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1914   D303   General Baking Company
Player Checklist

Card # Player

(1)Jack Barry
(2)Chief Bender (blue background)
(3)Chief Bender (green background)
(4)Bob Bescher (New York)
(5)Bob Bescher (St. Louis)
(6)Roger Bresnahan
(7)Al Bridwell
(8)Donie Bush
(9)Hal Chase (catching)
(10)Hal Chase (portrait)
(11)Ty Cobb (facing front)
(12)Ty Cobb (facing side)
(13)Eddie Collins
(14)Sam Crawford
(15)Ray Demmitt
(16)Wild Bill Donovan
(17)Red Dooin
(18)Mickdy Doolan
(19)Larry Doyle
(20)Clyde Engle
(21)Johnny Evers
(22)Art Fromme
(23)George Gibson (back view)
(24)George Gibson (front view)
(25)Roy Hartzell
(26)Fred Jacklitsch
(27)Hugh Jennings
(28)Otto Knabe
(29)Nap Lajoie
(30)Hans Lobert
(31)Rube Marquard
(32)Christy Matthewson (Mathewson)
(33)John McGraw
(34)George McQuillan
(35)Dots Miller
(36)Danny Murphy
(37)Rebel Oakes
(39)Eddie Plank (position on front)
(38)Eddie Plank (no position)
(40)Germany Schaefer
(41)Boss Smith
(42)Tris Speaker
(43)Oscar Stanage
(44)George Stovall
(45)Jeff Sweeney
(46)Joe Tinker (batting)
(47)Joe Tinker (portrait)
(48)Honus Wagner (batting)
(49)Honus Wagner (throwing)
(50)Hooks Wiltse
(51)Heinie Zimmerman

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