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1947   D305   Bond Bread
Player Checklist

Card # Player

Baseball Players
(1)Rex Barney
(2)Yogi Berra
(3)*Ewell Blackwell
(4)*Lou Boudreau
(5)Ralph Branca
(6)*Harry Brecheen
(7)Dom DiMaggio
(8)Joe Dimaggio
(9)*Bobbie Doerr (Bobby)
(10)Bruce Edwards
(11)*Bob Elliott
(12)*Del Ennis
(13)*Bob Feller
(14)Carl Furillo
(15)Cid Gordon (Sid)
(16)*Joe Gordon
(17)Joe Hatten
(18)Gill Hodges
(19)*Tommy Holmes
(20)Larry Janson (Jansen)
(21)Sheldon Jones
(22)Edwin Joost
(23)Charlie Keller
(24)*Ken Keltner
(25)Buddy Kerr
(26)*Ralph Kiner
(27)John Lindell
(28)Whitey Lockman
(29)Willard Marshall
(30)*Johnny Mize
(31)*Stan Musial
(32)*Andy Pafko
(33)*Johnny Pesky
(34)Pee Wee Reese
(35)*Phil Rizzuto
(36)*Aaron Robinson
(37)*Jackie Robinson
(38)*John Sain
(39)*Enow Slaughter
(40)*Vern Stephens
(41)George Tebbetts
(42)Bob Thomson
(43)Johnny Van Der Meer (VanderMeer)
(44)*Ted Williams
Boxers also Found in Set
(45)*Primo Carnera
(46)Marcel Cerdan
(47)Jake LaMotta
(48)*Joe Louis

Note: The Bond Bread set was originally issued with round corners. In the 1980's a large stash of square cornered cards were "discovered" in a New York warehouse and are the most common of the cards seen today. The square-cornered cards are known for exactly one-half of the set (24 of the 48 cards; including 2 of the 4 boxers) and are identified with an asterisk (*) in the above checklist.

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