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1909-10   D380   Clement Bros. Bread
Player Checklist

D380-1 (1909)
Card # Description Position Team

(1)Edward J. "Goat" Andersonl. f.Rochester
(2)Heinie BatchutilityRochester
(3)John Albert Butlerc.Rochester
(4)Ed Hollys. s.Rochester
(5)Ducky Holmesp.Rochester
(6)George Neely McConnellp.Rochester
(7)Wilfred Osborn (Osborne)c. f.Rochester
(8)Harry E. Pattee2b.Rochester

D380 (1910)
Card # Description Position Team

(1)*Whitey Alpermann3b.Rochester
(2)*William F. (Bill) Baileyp.St. L Amer.
(3)*Chief Bender-Phil Amer.
(4)Walter A. Blairc.Rochester
(5)*"Ty" Cobbr. f.Detroit Am
(6)*Eddie Collins--
(7)*Topsy Hartsellr. f.St. Louis Am.
(8)*Harry Howellp.St. Louis Am.
(9)*Addie Jossp.Cleveland Amer.
(10)Datus "Dade" Lagoe**p.Rochester
(11)George Neely McConnellp.Rochester
(12)*George Mullin**p.Detroit, Amer.
(13)Wilfred Osborn (Osborne)c. f.Rochester
(14)Harry E. Pattee2b.Rochester
(15)*Don Carlos Raganp.Rochester
(16)*Oscar Stanagec.Detroit Amer.
(17)*George Stonen/aSt. Louis Amer.
(18)*Ed Summersp.Detroit, Am.
(19)*Ed Sweeney**c.N. Y. Amer.
(20)*Joe Tinker-Chicago Natl
(21)*Bert Tooleyr. f.Rochester
(22)*Heinie Zimmerman--

1) The D380-1 series only contains Rochester players
2) Asterisks (*) identify players with Major League experience
3) ** indicates most recent discoveries (additions to the set checklist)
4) Bold Type indicates players now in the baseball Hall of Fame.

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