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1908-10   E91   American Caramel
(includes E91-A, E91-B and E91-C)


Year(s) Published: 1908-10
ACC Designation:   E91
Set Name: American Caramel (3 sets)
Card Size (inches): 1-1/2 x 2-3/4
Number of Cards in Set: var.
Est. Value (common; VG): $45

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Set Summary
  • Produced by the American Caramel Company of Philadelphia
  • The E91 set is unnumbered and contains a total of 99 cards
  • It is divided into three subsets (E91-A; E91-B and E91-C)
  • Card fronts use generic color artwork with white borders
  • Backs contain a complete checklist for each subset
  • See table below for details of each subset
  • E91 Subsets Compared
    ACC DesignationE91-AE91-BE91-C
    Example of Card Front
    Example of Card Back
    Year Issued190819091910
    Order of Team ChecklistsAthletics, New York, ChicagoChicago, Athletics, New York Pittsburg, Wash., Boston
    Number of Cards in Subset333333
    Value Multiplier111

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