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1909   E92   Nadja/Croft's/Dockman
Player Checklist

Player/Description on CardNadja
Card #
Card #
Card #

Bailey, p. St. Louis, Amer.(1)----
Barry, s.s. Phila. Am. (2)(1)--
Bemis, c. Cleveland Amer.(3)(2)(1)
Bender, p. Phila. Amer. (striped cap)(4)(3)--
Bender, p. Phila. Am. (white cap) (5)(4)(2)
Bergen, c. Brooklyn Nat'l(6)(5)(3)
Bescher, c.f. Cincinnati Nat'l(7)(6)(4)
Bresnahan, Mgr. St. Louis(8)----
Bridwell, s.s. N. Y. Nat'l(9)(7)(5)
Casey, 3b Brooklyn Nat'l(10)(8)(6)
Chance, 1b Chicago Nat'l(11)(9)(7)
Chase, 1b New York, Am.(12)(10)(8)
Cobb, c.f. Detroit Am. (13)(11)--
Collins, 2b. Phila. Am. (14)(12)--
Crawford, c.f. Detroit Am.(15)(13)(9)
Davis, 1b Phila. Amer.(16)(14)(10)
Devlin, 3b New York Nat'l(17)(15)(11)
Donovan, p. Detroit Amer.(18)(16)(12)
Dooin, c. Phila. Nat(19)(17)--
Doolan, s.s. Phila Nat'l (20)(18)(13)
Dougherty, l.f. Chicago Amer.(21)(19)(14)
Doyle, 2b New York Nat'l (throwing)(22)(20)(15)
Doyle, 2b New York Nat'l (with bat)(23)(21)(16)
Ellis, l.f. St. Louis Nat..(24)----
Evers, 2b. Chicago Nat (25)(22)--
Gibson, c. Pittsburg Nat'l(26)(23)(17)
Hartsel, l.f. Phila. Am.(27)(24)(18)
Hartzell, 3b St. Louis, Am. (batting)(28)----
Hartzell, r.f. St. Louis Am. (fielding)(29)----
Howell, p. St. Louis Amer. (ball in glove)(30)----
Howell, p. St. Louis Am. (pitching)(31)----
Jacklitsch, c. Phila. Nat. (32)(25)--
Jennings, Mgr. Detroit Am.(33)(26)(19)
Kleinow, c. New York Am.(34)(27)(20)
Knabe, 2b Phila. Nat. (35)(28)--
Knight, s.s. New York Am. (36)(29)--
Lajoie, 2b Cleveland Amer.(37)(30)(21)
Lobert, 3b Cincinnati Nat'l(38)(31)(22)
Magee, c. f. Phila Nat'l(39)(32)(23)
Matthewson, p. N. Y. Nat'l (Mathewson)(40)(33)(24)
McGraw, Mgr. N. Y. Nat'l(41)(34)(25)
McLean, c. Cincinnati Nat'l(42)(35)(26)
Miller, 2b Pittsburg Nat'l (batting)(43)(36)(27)
Miller, 2b Pittsburg Nat'l (fielding)(44)(37)--
Murphy, r.f. Phila. Amer.(45)(38)(28)
Oakes, c.f. St. Louis Nat'l(46)----
O'Hara, r.f. St. Louis Nat'l(47)(39)(29)
Phelps, c. St, Louis Nat.(48)----
Schaefer, 2b Wash. Am.(49)(40)(30)
Schlei, c. New York Nat'l(50)(41)(31)
Schmidt. c. Detroit Amer.(51)(42)(32)
Seigle, r. f. Cincinnati Nat'l(52)(43)(33)
Shean, 2b Boston Nat'l(53)(44)(34)
Smith, c. Detroit Amer. (Schmidt)(54)(45)(35)
Stone, St. Louis, Amer. (arms out)(55)----
Stone, l.f. St. Louis Am. (arm down)(56)----
Tinker, s.s. Chicago Nat'l(57)(46)(36)
Wagner, s.s. Pittsburg Nat'l (batting)(58)(47)(37)
Wagner, s.s. Pittsburg Nat'l (throwing)(59)(48)(38)
Wallace, s.s. St. Louis Am.(60)----
Young, p. Cleveland Amer.(61)(49)(39)
Zimmerman, 2b Chicago Nat'l(62)(50)(40)

1) Croft's card numbers are the same for both Croft's Candy and Croft's Cocoa subsets.
2) The "--" in the table indicates that a card was not issued for the indicated subset.
3) The numbers in parenthesis are sequential by player last name, and are used for checklist purposes among collectors. The cards themselves are not numbered.

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