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1909   E95   Philadelphia Caramel
Player Checklist

Card #

per checklist
on card backs
by player
last name
Player Team

1(22)WagnerPittsburgh National
2(15)MaddoxPittsburgh National
3(18)MerkleNew York National
4(19)MorganAthletics American
5(1)BenderAthletics American
6(12)KrauseAthletics American
7(8)DevlinNew York National
8(17)McIntyreDetroit American
9(5)CobbDetroit American
10(23)Willetts (Willett)Detroit American
11(7)CrawfordDetroit American
12(16)MathewsonNew York National
13(25)WiltseNew York National
14(9)DoyleNew York National
15(13)LeachPittsburgh National
16(14)LordBoston American
17(4)CicotteBoston American
18(2)CarriganBoston American
19(24)WillisPittsburgh National
20(10)EversChicago National
21(3)ChanceChicago National
22(11)HofmanChicago National
23(20)PlankAthletics American
24(6)CollinsAthletics American
25(21)ReulbackChicago National

Note: the E95 hobby checklists are numbered either in the order that is found on the backs of all cards or alphabetically by player last name. They are cross-referenced both ways in the above list.

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