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1909   E101   Anonymous "Set of 50"
Player Checklist

Card # Player Position Team

(1)Jack Barrys.s.Phila. Am.
(2)Harry Bemisc.Cleveland Amer.
(3)Chief Bender (white hat)p.Phila. Am.
(4)Chief Bender (striped hat)p.Phila. Am.
(5)Bill Bergenc.Brooklyn Nat'l
(6)Bob Bescherc.f.Cincinnati Nat'l
(7)Al Bridwells.s.N. Y. Nat'l
(8)Doc Casey3bBrooklyn Nat'l
(9)Frank Chance1bChicago Nat'l
(10)Hal Chase1bNew York Am.
(11)Ty Cobbc.f.Detroit Am.
(12)Eddie Collins2bPhila. Am.
(13)Sam Crawfordc.f.Detroit Am.
(14)Harry Davis1bPhila. Amer.
(15)Art Devlin3bNew York Nat'l
(16)Wild Bill Donovanp.Detroit Amer.
(17)Red Dooinc.Phila. Nat.
(18)Mickey Doolans.s.Phila Nat'l
(19)Patsy Doughertyl.f.Chicago Am.
(20)Larry Doyle (with bat)2bNew York Nat'l
(21)Larry Doyle (throwing)2bNew York Nat'l
(22)Johnny Evers2b.Chicago Nat.
(23)George Gibsonc.Pittsburg Nat'l
(24)Topsy Hartsell.f.Phila. Am.
(25)Fred Jacklitschc.Phila. Nat.
(26)Hugh JenningsMgr.Detroit Am.
(27)Red Kleinowc.New York Am.
(28)Otto Knabe2bPhil. Nat.
(29)Jack Knights.s.New York Am.
(30)Nap Lajoie2bCleveland Amer.
(31)Hans Lobert3bCincinnati Nat'l
(32)Sherry Mageec.fPhila Nat'l
(33)Christy Matthewson (Mathewson)p.N. Y. Nat'l
(34)John McGrawMgr.N. Y. Nat'l
(35)Larry McLeanc.Cincinnati Nat'l
(36)Dots Miller (batting)2bPittsburg Nat'l
(37)Dots Miller (fielding)2bPittsburg Nat'l
(38)Danny Murphyr.f.Phila. Amer.
(39)Bill O'Harar.f.St. Louis Nat'l
(40)Germany Schaefer2bWash. Am.
(41)Admiral Schleic.New York Nat'l
(42)Boss Schmidtc.Detroit Amer.
(43)Johnny Seigler.f.Cincinnati Nat'l
(44)Dave Shean2bBoston Nat'l
(45)Boss Smith (Schmidt)c.Detroit Amer.
(46)Joe Tinkers.s.Chicago Nat'l
(47)Honus Wagner (batting)s.s.Pittsburg Nat'l
(48)Houns Wagner (throwing)s.s.Pittsburg Nat'l
(49)Cy Youngp.Cleveland Amer.
(50)Heinie Zimmerman2bChicago Nat'l

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