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1910   E103   Williams Caramel
Player Checklist

Card Player Position Team M116
Card #

(1)Chas. BenderPitcherAthletics1(20)
(2)Roger BresnahanC.St. Louis2(30)
(3)Mordecai BrownPitcherChicago2(33)
(4)Frank Chance1st B.Chicago1(40)
(5)Hal Chase1st B.N. Y., Amer.1(42)
(6)Ty CobbR. F.Detroit1(47)
(7)Edward Collins2d B.Athletics1(48)
(8)Sam CrawfordC. F.Detroit2(55)
(9)Harry Davis1st B.Athletics1(62)
(10)Arthur Devlin2d B.N. Y.3(66)
(11)William DonovanPitcherDetroit2(70)
(12)Chas. DooinCatcherPhila.1(71)
(13)L. Doyle2nd B.N. Y., Nat.1(76)
(14)*John Ewing (Bob)PitcherPhila.14?(86)
(15)George GibsonCatcherPittsburg2(102)
(16)Hugh JenningsMan.Detroit1(126)
(17)David JonesL. F.Detroit2(128)
(18)Tim Jordan1st B.Brooklyn2(130)
(19)N. Lajoie2nd B.Cleveland2(142)
(20)Thomas LeachC. F.Detroit2(148)
(21)Harry Lord3rd B.Boston, Amer.2(156)
(22)Chris. MathewsonPitcherN. Y.1(162)
(23)*John McLean (Larry)CatcherCincinnati9(173)
(24)Geo. W. McQuillanPitcherPhila.1(175)
(25)Pastorious (Pastorius)PitcherBrooklyn--
(26)*N. Rucker-Brooklyn3(222)
(27)Fred Tenney1st B.N. Y.2(261)
(28)Ira ThomasCatcherAthletics2(262)
(29)Hans WagnerS. S.Pittsburg1(269)
(30)Robert WoodCatcherDetroit--

* indicates cards with player poses that are mirrored relative to the M116 set

Player information is as it is printed on the card fronts. All card backs in this set are blank.

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