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1910   E271   Darby Chocolates
Player Checklist

Card Player Side*

(1)Jimmy Archer1
(2)Chief Bender2
(3)Bob Bescher1
(4)Roger Bresnahan2
(5)Al Bridwell1
(6)Mordicai Brown (Mordecai)1
(7)"Eddie" Cicotte2
(8)Fred Clark (Clarke)1
(9)Ty Cobb (batting)1
(10)Ty Cobb (fielding)2
(11)King Cole2
(12)E. Collins1
(13)Wid Conroy2
(14)"Sam" Crawford1&2
(15)Bill Dahlin (Dahlen)2
(16)Bill Donovan2
(17)"Pat" Dougherty1&2
(18)Kid Elberfeld1
(19)"Johnny" Evers1
(20)Charlie Herzog2
(21)Hughie Jennings?
(22)Walter Johnson1
(23)Ed Konetchy1
(24)Tommy Leach2
(25)Fred Luderous (Luderus)1
(26)"Mugsy" McGraw?
(27)"Mike" Mowery (Mowrey)2
(28)Jack Powell2
(29)Slim Sallee1
(30)James Scheckard (Sheckard)2
(31)Walter Snodgrass2
(32)"Tris" Speaker2
(33)Charlie Suggs2
(34)Fred Tenney1
(35)"Jim" Vaughn1
(36)"Hans" Wagner1

*Side 1 cards carry "The Big Hit" label; Side 2 cards do not.
  Note: Unless indicated otherwise, player names are as printed on the cards.

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