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1928   Star Player Candy
Player Checklist

Card # Description

(1)Dave Bancroft
(2)Emile Barnes
(3)L. A. Blue
(4)Garland Buckeye
(5)George Burns
(6)Guy T. Bush
(7)Owen T. Carroll
(8)Chalmer Cissell
(9)Ty Cobb
(10)Gordon Cochrane
(11)Richard Coffman
(12)Eddie Collins
(13)Stanley Coveleskie (Coveleski)
(14)Hugh Critz
(15)Hazen Cuyler
(16)Charles Dressen
(17)Joe Dugan
(18)Elwood English
(19)Bib Falk (Bibb)
(20)Ira Flagstead
(21)Bob Gothergill
(22)Frank T. Frisch
(23)Foster Ganzel
(24)Lou Gehrig (card not verified)
(25)Chas. Gihringer (Gehringer)
(26)George Gerken
(27)Grant Gillis
(28)Miguel Gonzales (Gonzalez)
(29)Sam Gray
(30)Chas. J. Grimm
(31)Robert M. Grove
(32)Chas. J. Hafey
(33)Jesse Haines
(34)Chas. L. Hartnett
(35)Clifton Heathcote
(36)Harry Heilmann
(37)John Heving
(38)Waite Hoyt
(39)Chas. Jamieson
(40)Joe Judge
(41)Willie Kamm
(42)George Kelly
(43)Tony Lazzeri
(44)Adolfo Luque
(45)Ted Lyons
(46)Hugh McMullen
(47)Bob Meusel
(48)Wilcey Moore (Wilcy)
(49)Ed C. Morgan
(50)Buddy Myer
(51)Herb Pennock
(52)Everett Purdy
(53)William Regan
(54)Eppa Rixey
(55)Charles Root
(56)Jack Rothrock
(57)Harold Ruel (Herold)
(58)Babe Ruth
(59)Wally Schang
(60)Joe Sewell
(61)Luke Sewell
(62)Joe Shaute
(63)George Sisler
(64)Tris Speaker
(65)Riggs Stephenson
(66)Jack Tavener
(67)Al Thomas
(68)Harold J. Traynor
(69)George Uhle
(70)Dazy Vance
(71)Cy Williams
(72)Ken Williams
(73)Lewis R. Wilson

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