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1932   Wheaties Babe Ruth Flip Movie
Frame Checklist (with Ruth tips)

Frame # on
Batting Tips from the "Babe"

(1)10-AHitting a ball hard does not depend so much on taking a long swing. Try to imagine your body separated in two separate parts.
(2)11-APrictice swinging from the waist and shoulders. Keep repeating this swing until it comes easy.
(3)12-AThen try to imitate the stride shown. By swing as though at an imaginary ball.
(4)13-AThen you will be agreeably surprised how easy and simple it is.
(5)14-AAt the point where the bat meets the ball, the weight just begins to shift. And the shoulders have just begun to come around.
(6)15-AIf you pivot from the waist you will avoid the common fault of stepping into the bucket.
(7)16-AThe pivot entirely from the waist is an excellent exercise for those inclined to step into the bucket.
(8)17-ATake a bat and keep swinging it. Then avoid moving your feet.
(9)18-AOnly practice makes perfect, remember -- so keep practicing -- that's of greatest importance.
(10)19-AThe first thing in learning to swing is to step into the ball as the swing starts. That means shifting the weight.
(11)20-AThis permits weight to gradually be shifted from left foot (at beginning of swing) to the right foot at finish, as bat goes through.
(12)21-AWhen weight is shifted make sure that feet are firmly set. Simultaneously, body pivots from waist, throwing shoulders into swing.
(13)22-AHere's some more good advice--there are two distinct type of hitters--wait hitters and swing hitters.
(14)23-AThe wait hitter type choke their bats--thus shortening their swing. They stand flat-footed and wait till the pitch is on them.
(15)24-AThen they poke rather than slash the ball. The swing hitter swings from the heels.
(16)25-AThe wrist snap comes last, at exact moment of contact with ball.
(17)26-AIt is utmost importance to get body and wrists into swing just as bat meets ball.
(18)27-AYou don't have to take a long swing to make the ball travel over the fence if you follow this method.
(19)28-AThe swing illustrated is complete and shows a full follow-through as in golf.
(20)29-AThe shoulders should come squarely around, with the wrists straightened out.
(21)30-ABabe Ruth is representative of the swing hitter type. But he advises following the wait hitter type for results.
(22)31-AHe regards them as more dangerous--
(23)32-AAnd much harder to fool (as a former pitcher he should know).
(24)33-AHis advice to the average ball player is to practice wait hitting rather than free swinging.

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