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1934   V94   "Canadian" Butterfinger
Player Checklist

Card Player "US Butterfinger"
Card #

(1)Earl Averill(1)
- Richard Bartell(2)
(2)Larry Benton(3)
- Walter Berger(4)
(3)Jim Bottomly (Bottomley)(5)
- Ralph Boyle(6)
(4)Tom Bridges-
(5)Bob Brown-
- Tex Carleton(7)
(6)Owen T. Carroll(8)
- Ben Chapman(9)
(7)Gordon (Mickey) Cochrane(10)
- James Collins(11)
(8)Roger Cramer-
(9)Joe Cronin(12)
(10)Alvin Crowder(13)
(11)"Dizzy" Dean(14)
(12)Edward Delker-
- Paul Derringer(15)
(13)William Dickey(16)
- Leo Durocher(17)
- George Earnshaw(18)
(14)Richard Ferrell(19)
(15)Lew Fonseca(20)
  (16)Jimmy Fox (Foxx)(21)*
- Benny Frey(22)
- Frankie Frisch(23)
(17)Chick Fullis-
(18)Lou Gehrig(24)
(19)Charles Gehringer(25)
(20)Vernon Gomez(26)
- Ray Grabowski(27)
(21)Robert (Lefty) Grove(28)
(22)George (Mule) Haas(29)
(23)"Chick" Hafey(30)
(24)Stanley Harris(31)
(25)Frank Higgins-
(26)J. Francis Hogan(32)
(27)Ed Holley(33)
- Rogers Hornsby(34)
(28)Waite Hoyt(35)
- Walter Johnson(36)
(29)Jim Jordan(37)
(38)Joe Kuhel(38)
(30)Hal Lee(39)
(31)Gus Mancuso(40)
- Henry Manush(41)
- Fred Marberry(42)
- Pepper Martin(43)
(32)Oscar Melillo(44)
(33)Austin Moore-
- Johnny Moore(45)
(34)Randy Moore-
(35)Joe Morrissey(46)
(36)Joe Mowrey(47)
(37)Bobo Newsom-
- Bob O'Farrell(48)
(38)Ernie Orsatti-
- Melvin Ott(49)
- Monte Pearson(50)
(39)Carl Reynolds(51)
(40)Walter Roettger-
- Charles Ruffing(52)
(41)Babe Ruth(53)
(42)John "Blondy" Ryan(54)
(43)John Salveson-
(44)Al Simmons(55)
(45)Al Smith-
(46)Harold Smith-
- Al Spohrer(56)
(47)Allyn Stout-
- Gus Suhr(57)
- Steve Swetonic(58)
(48)Fresco Thompson-
- Dazzy Vance(59)
(49)Art Veltman-
(50)Johnny Vergez-
- Joe Vosmik(60)
(51)Gerald Walker-
- Lloyd Waner(61)
(52)Paul Waner(62)
(53)Robert Weiland-
- Sam West(63)
(54)Burgess Whitehead-
(55)Earl Whitehill(64)
(56)Jimmy Wilson(65)
(57)Bob Worthington-
(58)Tom Zachary-

* Foxx card has signature variations as both "Fox" and "Foxx."

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