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Japanese BB Cards -- Gallery of Sets

JBR       JCM       JDM       JF       JGA       JK       JRM

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1) Sets are generally arranged in alpha-numeric order of hobby number.
2) All cards are displayed at about actual size unless stated otherwise.
3) Each card image links to more detailed information about that set.

Bromides (JBR)

1950 JBR2
B&W Bromides

1954 JBR8
B&W Bromides

1950 JBR9

1948 JBR10

1949 JBR13
Yakyu Shonen SF Seals
Menko--Rectangular (JCM)

1948 JCM1
Action Baseball

1948 JCM2
Baseball Back

1949 JCM4
All Japan/Seals

1948 JCM5
Kagome Flying Bat

1948 JCM7
Red Border Menko

1952 JCM8
Vertical Red Border

1964 JCM11
Marusan Simple Back

1959-61 JCM12 Marusan Menko

1960-63 JCM13
Flag Back

1959-64 JCM14
"Bat on Right"

1950 JCM21
Babe Ruth

1959 JCM24 "Hoshi Gangu" Menko
Menko-Die Cut (JDM)

1947 JDM1 Diecuts

1949 JDM2 Mask Diecuts
(about 1/2 actual size)

1949 JDM3
Airplane Diecuts

1949 JDM4 Kagome Diecut Menko
Food, Candy and Gum Cards (JF)

1960 JF8
Jintan Gum

1960 JF9
Jintan Gum

1953 JF11
Kobai Dark Left Border

1953 JF14
Kobai Wide Diamond

1953 JF15
Kobai Little Circle

1953 JF16 Kobai Caramel Big Circle

1953 JF17
Kobai Solid Color Border

1953 JF18
Kobai Red Corners

1958 JF23
Fujiya Caramel

1958 JF24
Fujiya Caramel Premium
(about 1/2 actual size)
Game Cards (JGA)

1949 JGA3
Seals Game Set

1950/51 JGA4
Color Game Set

1959/51 JGA5
Doyusha Game Set

1949 JGA7
Yakyu E Awase

1949 JGA8
Yakyu Timu Awase

1949 JGA9 Color Set

1950 JGA10
Yakyu Timu Awase

1951 JGA11
Osato Gangu Game Set

1949 JGA16
Kagome Color
Playing Cards

1949 JGA17
"H" Maru
All Japan

Karuta Cards (JK)

1949 JK1
Dreaming of Baseball

1949 JK2
Team Emblem

1949 JK5
Tohoku Karuta Set

1956 JK14
Suzuki Publishing
Photo Karuta
Menko--Round (JRM)

1947 JRM1
Green/Red Background

1947 JRM2

1949 JRM4
Playing Card

1949 JRM6
"Flying Menko"

1949 JRM7
Kagome Seals

1949 JRM8
Red-Green Stripes

1950 JRM21
Diagonal Number Box

1947 JRM22
Red or Blue Borders

1948 JRM23
College/Pro Menko

1947 JRM24
Math Equation in Circle

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