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1909   Boston Sunday Post Supplements
Player Checklist

# Player Position Caption on Supplement

(1)Frank ArellanesPitcherThrowing to Catch a Man Off Third
(2)William CarriganCatcherKnocking Out a Timely Hit
(3)Charles ChechPitcherDeveloping an Inshoot
(4)Edward CicottePitcherDelivering one of His Famous Knuckle Ball Curves
(5)Harry HooperLeft FielderPulling Down a Hard Liner after a Long Run
(6)Harry LordThird BasemanCapturing a Wild Throw
(7)Ambrose McConnellSecond BasemanReaching for a High Liner
(8)Harry NilesOut FielderPlacing a Timely Single
(9)Tris SpeakerCenter FielderBatting Out one of his Timely Hits
(10)Edward SpencerCatcherWaiting for a Throw Home
(11)Garland (Jake) StahlFirst BasemanWaiting for a Throw from Third
(12)Charles WagnerShort StopReady for a Hard Grounder
(13)Harry WolterPitcherLeft Handed Puzzler

Note: All supplements except McConnell were issued in left-right pairs and most were later separated by collectors. Below is the issue date and pairing for each player in the set.
Player /
Player Pairs

June 6McConnell
June 13Spencer - Chech
June 20Lord - Speaker
June 27Wolter - Hooper
July 4Stahl - Carrigan
July 11Cicotte - Niles
July 18Wagner - Arellanes

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