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1916   M101-4 & M101-5   Sporting News
Combined Player Checklist

Card #

(D329 &
(D350 &
Player Notes/Comments

1       <  > 1Babe Adams
2       <  > 2Sam Agnew
3       <  > 3Eddie Ainsmith
4       <  > 4Grover Alexander
5       <  > 5Leon Ames
6       <  > 6Jimmy Archer
7       <  > 7Jimmy Austin
8-H. D. Baird
98J. Franklin Baker
109Dave Bancroft
1110Jack Barry
1211Zinn Beck
- 12aLute Boone
- 12bBeals Becker
13- "Chief" Bender
1413Joe Benz
1514Bob Bescher
1615Al Betzel
- 16Roger Bresnahan
17-*Mordecai Brown
1817Eddie Burns
19-George Burns
2018Geo. J. Burns
2119Joe Bush
2220Owen J. Bush("Donie" in M101-4)
2321Art Butler
2422Bobbie Byrne
- 23a*Mordecai Brown
2523bForrest Cady
2624Jimmy Callahan
2725Ray Caldwell
2826Max Carey
2927George Chalmers
- 28Frank Chance
3029Ray Chapman
3130Larry Cheney
3231Eddie Cicotte
3332Tom Clarke
3433Eddie Collins
3534"Shauno" Collins
3635Charles Comiskey
3736Joe Connolly
38- Ty Cobb
- 37Luther Cook
- 38Jack Coombs
- 39Dan Costello
3940Harry Coveleskie (Coveleski)
4041Gavvy Cravath
4142Sam Crawford
4243Jean Dale
4344Jake Daubert
- 45Geo. A. Davis, Jr.
4446Charles Deal
4547Al Demaree
46- Josh Devore
4748William Doak
4849Bill Donovan
4950Charles Dooin
5051Mike Doolan
5152Larry Doyle
5253Jean Dubuc
5354Oscar Dugey
5455Johnny Evers
5556Urban Faber
5657"Hap" Felsch
5758Bill Fischer
5859Ray Fisher (M101-5 photo is not Fisher)
5960Max Flack
6061Art Fletcher
6162Eddie Foster
6263Jacques Fournier
6364Del Gainer (Gainor)
64- "Chic" Gandil
65       <  > 65Larry Gardner
66       <  > 66Joe Gedeon
67       <  > 67Gus Getz
68       <  > 68Geo. Gibson
69       <  > 69Wilbur Good
70       <  > 70Hank Gowdy
71       <  > 71John Graney
72- Clark Griffith
7372Tom Griffith
7473Heinie Groh
7574Earl Hamilton
7675Bob Harmon
7776Roy Hartzell
7877Claude Hendrix
7978Olaf Henriksen
8079John Henry
8180"Buck" Herzog
8281Hugh High
8382Dick Hoblitzell
8483Harry Hooper
8584Ivan Howard
8685Miller Huggins
8786Joe Jackson
8887William James
8988Harold Janvrin
9089Hugh Jennings
9190Walter Johnson
9291Fielder Jones
93- Joe Judge
9492Bennie Kauff
9593Wm. Killefer, Jr.
9694Ed. Konetchy
9795Napoleon Lajoie
9896Jack Lapp
9997John Lavan
10098Jimmy Lavender
10199"Nemo" Leibold
102100H. B. Leonard
103101Duffy Lewis
104102Hans Lobert
105103Tom Long
106104Fred Luderus
107105Connie Mack
108106Lee Magee
109- Sherwood Magee
110107Al. Mamaux
111108Leslie Mann
112109"Rabbit" Maranville
113110Rube Marquard
- 111Armando Marsans
114112J. Erskine Mayer
115113George McBride
116114John J. McGraw
117115Jack McInnis
118116Fred Merkle
119117Chief Meyers
120118Clyde Milan
121- John Miller
122119Otto Miller
123120Willie Mitchell
124121Fred Mollwitz
125122J. Herbert Moran
125123Pat Moran
126124Ray Morgan
127125Geo. Moriarty
128126Guy Morton
129- Mike Mowrey
130127Ed. Murphy(M101-5 photo is Danny Murphy)
- 128John Murray
131129"Hy" Myers
132130J. A. Niehoff
- 131Leslie Nunamaker
133132Rube Oldring
134133Oliver O'Mara
135134Steve O'Neill
136135"Dode" Paskert
137136Roger Peckinpaugh(M101-5 photo is Gavvy Cravath)
- 137E. J. Pfeffer(photo is Jeff Pfeffer)
- 138Geo. Pierce(Pearce)
138139Walter Pipp
139140Derril Pratt(Derrill)
140- Pat Ragan
141     <  > 141Bill Rariden
142     <  > 142Eppa Rixey
143     <  > 143Davey Robertson
144     <  > 144Wilbert Robinson
145     <  > 145Bob Roth
146     <  > 146Ed. Roush
147     <  > 147Clarence Rowland
148     <  > 148"Nap" Rucker
149     <  > 149Dick Rudolph
150     <  > 150Reb Russell
151     <  > 151Babe Ruth
152     <  > 152Vic Saier
153     <  > 153"Slim" Sallee
- 154"Germany" Schaefer
154155Ray Schalk
155156Walter Schang
- 157Chas. Schmidt
156158Frank Schulte
157160Everett Scott
158159Jim Scott
159161Tom Seaton
160162Howard Shanks
161163Bob Shawkey(M101-5 photo is Jack McInnis)
162164Ernie Shore
163165Burt Shotton
164166Geo. Sisler
165167J. Carlisle Smith
166168Fred Snodgrass
167169Geo. Stallings
168a- Oscar Stanage(portrait, waist up)
168b- Oscar Stanage(catching)
- 170Oscar Stanage(photo is Charles Schmidt)
169171Charles Stengel
170172Milton Stock
171173Amos Strunk(M101-5 photo is not Strunk)
172174Billy Sullivan
173175"Jeff" Tesreau
- 176Jim Thorpe
174177Joe Tinker
175178Fred Toney
176179Terry Turner
177- George Tyler
178180Jim Vaughn
179181Bob Veach
180182James Viox
181183Oscar Vitt
182184Hans Wagner
183185Clarence Walker(M101-5 photo is not Walker)
- 186a*Zach Wheat
- 186bBobby Wallace
184187Ed. Walsh
185- W. Wambsganss(photo is Fritz Coumbe)
186188Buck Weaver
187189Carl Weilman
188- *Zach Wheat
189190Geo. Whitted
190191Fred Williams
191192Art Wilson
192193J. Owen Wilson
193194Ivy Wingo
194195"Mel" Wolfgang
195196Joe Wood
196197Steve Yerkes
197- "Pep" Young
198     <  > 198Rollie Zeider
199     <  > 199Heiny Zimmerman
200     <  > 200Ed. Zwilling

M101-4 M101-5 Player Notes/Comments

Card #

1) The "<  >" between the card numbers of the two sets identify the 30 players that have the same number in both sets.

2) Asterisks (*) in the Player column identify duplicate player entries. These duplicate entries are necessary to maintain the proper sequencing in the card number columns.

Bold Type indicates players now in the baseball Hall of Fame.

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