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1898-99   National Copper Plate Co. Portraits
Player Checklist

Card # Description M101-1 #
(see note 1)

(1)M. F. Amole (M. G. "Doc")-
(2)A. C. Anson-
(3)Robert Becker-
(4)Martin Bergen4
(5)James A. Collins20
(6)Joe Corbett-
(7)Louis Criger11
(8)Lave Cross29
(9)Montford Cross-
(10)Eugene DelMontreville21
(11)Charles Dexter-
(12)P. J. Donovan14
(13)Thomas Dowd-
(14)John J. Doyle8
(15)Hugh Duffy2
(16)Frank Dwyer-
(17)Fred Ely ("Bones")-
(18)A. F. Esterquest-
(19)Wm. Ewing-
(20)Elmer Flick30
(21)Daniel Friend-
(22)George F. Gilpatrick (Gillpatrick)-
(23) J. M. Goar-
(24)Michael Griffin5
(25)Clark C. Griffith7
(26)William Hill-
(27)Dummy Hoy-
(28)James Hughes17
(29)William Joyce-
(30)William Keeler15
(31)Joseph J. Kelley22
(32)William Kennedy13
(33)William Lange1
(34)John J. McGraw16
(35)W. B. Mercer (George B. "Win")-
(36)Charles A. Nichols3
(37)Jerry Nops12
(38)John O'Connor10
(39)Richard Padden-
(40)Wilbert Robinson6
(41)William Shindle-
(42)Charles Stahl42
(43)E. F. Stein-
(44)S. L. Thompson-
(45)John Wagner18
(46)R. J. Wallace9
(47)Victor Willis19
(48)Parke Willson-
(49)George Yeager-
(50)C. L. Zimmer-

1) The M101-1 # refers to the sequence number of the same player in the Sporting News supplement set. The M101-1 numbers are arranged in chronological order as they appeared in the newspaper, making them appear in random sequence here. Players marked with a "-" are not found in the M101-1 set.

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