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1879-80   New York Clipper Player Portraits
Player Checklist (sorted by Last Name)

Description Issue Date Position

(1)(24)Douglas AllisonSept. 20, 1879Catcher
(2)(30)Philip BakerNov. 1, 1879Center Field
(3)(36)Frank C. BancroftDec. 13, 1879Manager
(4)4Roscoe C. BarnesMay 3, 1879Second Base
(5)(56)D. BrouthersAugust 28, 1880n/a
(6)(28)John J. BurdockOct. 18, 1879Second Base
(7)(59)A. J. BushongSept. 18, 1880n/a
(8)(19)John CassidyAugust 16, 1879n/a
(9)(34)John C. ChapmanNov. 29, 1879Manager
(10)(66)Aaron B. ClappNov. 6, 1880n/a
(11)(58)James L. ClintonSept. 11, 1880n/a
(12)(61)Roger ConnorOct. 2, 1880n/a
(13)(23)Larry CorcoranSept. 13, 1879Pitcher
(14)(68)George CreamerNov 20, 1880n/a
(15)6Herman DoescherMay 17, 1879Third Base
(16)1M. C. DorganApril 12, 1879Catcher
(17)(15)Fred DunlapJuly 19, 1879Second Base
(18)(25)John J. FarrowSept. 27, 1879Catcher
(19)(63)Frank S. FlintOct. 16, 1880n/a
(20)5David W. ForceMay 10, 1879Short Stop
(21)(20)Charles FulmerAugust 23, 1879Second Base
(22)(40)J. H. GiffordJan 24, 1880Manager
(23)(48)F. E. GoldsmithJuly 3, 1880n/a
(24)(64)William L. HaugOct. 23, 1880n/a
(25)(62)William HawesOct 9, 1880n/a
(26)(35)Paul A. HinesDec. 6, 1879Center Field
(27)7 (a)Joseph HornungMay 24, 1879Left Field
(28)(42)T. J. KeefeMay 22, 1880Pitcher
(29)(43)M. J. KellyMay 29, 1880n/a
(30)(46)Alonzo KnightJune 19, 1880n/a
(31)(16)A. J. LeonardJuly 26, 1879Short Stop
(32)3Stephan A. LibbyApril 26, 1879First Base
(33)(32)John LynchNov. 15, 1879Pitcher
(34)(52)John E. ManningJuly 31, 1880n/a
(35)(47)Charles E. MasonJune 26, 1880n/a
(36)(55)Robert T. MathewsAugust 21, 1880n/a
(37)(39)Harold M. McClureJan. 3, 1880Catcher
(38)2H. F. McCormickApril 19, 1879Pitcher
(39)7 (b)*Wm. H. McGunnigleMay 31, 1879Right Field
(40)(49)R. E. McKelvyJuly 10, 1880n/a
(41)(50)Wm. McLeanJuly 17, 1880Umpire
(42)(51)C. A. McVeyJuly 24, 1880n/a
(43)(11)Levi S. MeyerleJune 21, 1879n/a
(44)(13)T. H. MurnamJuly 5, 1879n/a
(45)(37)John T. O'ConnorDec. 20, 1879Catcher
(46)(29)James O'RourkeOct. 25, 1879Right Field
(47)(38)Andrew J. PiercyDec. 27, 1879Catcher
(48)(21)Thomas PoormanAugust 30, 1879Pitcher
(49)(45)Joe QuestJune 12, 1880Second Base
(50)9Harding RichardsonJune 7, 1879Center Field
(51)(17)J. Lee RichmondAugust 2, 1879Pitcher
(52)(57)C. M. SmithSept. 4, 1880n/a
(53)(67)John J. SmithNov. 13, 1880n/a
(54)(18)Charles N. SnyderAugust 9, 1879Catcher
(55)(33)A. J. SpaldingNov. 22, 1879Pitcher and Manager
(56)(12)Joe StartJune 28, 1879First Base
(57)(53)Harry D. StoveyAugust 7, 1880n/a
(58)(60)Wm. J. SweeneySept. 25, 1880n/a
(59)(31)Samuel W. TrottNov. 8, 1879Catcher
(60)(44)John TroyJune 5, 1880Second Base
(61)(22)John M. WardSept. 6, 1879Pitcher
(62)(65)M. WelchOct. 30, 1880n/a
(63)(10)James L. WhiteJune 14, 1879n/a
(64)(26)E. N. WilliamsonOct. 4, 1879Third Base
(65)(54)George A. WoodAugust 14, 1880n/a
(66)(27)George WrightOct. 11, 1879Manager & Short Stop
(67)(41)Sam WrightMay 15, 1880Short Stop
(68)(14)Thomas YorkJuly 12, 1879n/a

1) Bold Type indicates players now in the Hall of Fame.

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