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1888   A16   Allen & Ginter Album Premium
Player Checklist

Leaf Description

(Leaf 1)Front Cover; Jack Dempsey, John M. Ward
(Leaf 1 rev.)Allen & Ginter Ad; Inside Front Cover
(Leaf 2)Miss Annie Oakley, Capt. A. H. Bogardus, Hon. W. F. Cody (Buffalo Bill), Dr. W. F. Carver
(Leaf 3)Timothy Keefe, Adrian C. Anson, Chas. W. Bennett, Mike Kelly
(Leaf 4)Capt. Jack Glasscock, J. Schaefer, Joseph Mulvey, Charles Comiskey
(Leaf 5)Young Bibby (Geo Mehling), John McMahon, Matsada Sorokichi, J. H. McLaughlin
(Leaf 6)Wm. Beach, Geo. Bubear, Geo. H. Hosmer, Wallace Ross
(Leaf 7)Jake Kilrain, Joe Lannon, Jem Smith, Ike Weir
(Leaf 8)Ed Hanlan, E. A. Trickett, John Teemer, John McKay
(Leaf 9)J. L. Malone, Albert Frey, Yank Adams, M. Vignaux
(Leaf 10)Wm. Sexton, Maurice Daly, Geo. F. Slosson, Jos. Dion
(Leaf 11)John Clarkson, R. L. Caruthers, Albert Hamm, Jocob Gaudaur
(Leaf 12)Theo. Bauer, Joe Acton, Jimmy Carroll, Wm. Muldoon
(Leaf 13)Charlie Mitchell, John L. Sullivan, Jack McAuliffe, Jimmy Garney
(Leaf 14)Allen & Ginter Ad; Inside Back Cover
(Leaf 14 rev.)Back Cover; A & G Logo

Note: Except for front and back covers, all leaves are printed on one side only.

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