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N-Cards -- Gallery of Sets
Note:   1) Sets are arranged generally in order of their hobby (ACC) number.
2) All cards are displayed at approximate actual size unless otherwise noted.
3) Each card image links to more detailed information about the set

1887   N28
Allen & Ginter

1888   N29
Allen & Ginter

1888   N43   Allen & Ginter

1888   N88
Duke "Terrors"

1888   N86   "Perilous Occupations"

1888   N136 (reduced 10%)

1888   N135   "Talk of the Diamond"

1893   N142   Duke Cabinets (reduced approximately 20%)

1889   N154   Presidential BBC

1888   N162
Goodwin Champions

1889   N165   "Games & Sports"

1888-89   N173   Old Judge Cabinets

1886   N167
Old Judge

1887-90   N172
Old Judge

1887-90 N175
Gypsy Queen

1887-90   N175-2
Gypsy Queen

1888   N184
Kimball Champions

1887   N284
Buchner Gold Coin

1895   N300
Mayo's Cut Plug

1896   N301
Mayo' Die-cuts

1888   N321
S.F. Hess Calif.

1888   N333
S.F. Hess Newsboy

1888   N338-1
S.F. Hess Calif.

1888   N338-2
S.F. Hess

1887   N370
Lone Jack

1888   N403
Yum Yum Tobacco

1895   N566   Newsboy Cabinets

1889   N526   Number 7 Cigar

1887   N690
Kalamazoo Bats

1887   N690-1   Kalamazoo Bats Cabinets (reduced 25%)

1887   N693   Kalamazoo Bats Team Cards

Uncataloged Sets  (sets not listed in the ACC)

1869 Peck & Snyder (reduced 10 percent)

1865-97   Leslie's Woodcuts (reduced 70%)

1859-90   Harper's Woodcuts (1/5 actual size)

1886 Lorillard Team Card

1888   Sporting Extra Cigarettes

1887 Four Base Hits

1888 Scrapps

1888 R & S Die Cuts

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