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1887   N284   Buchner Gold Coin
Player Checklist

# Player Position Team Subset
(see notes)

(1)Ed Andrews (hands at neck)Centre FieldPhila.A
(2)Ed Andrews (hands waist high)C.FielderPhila.C
(3)Cap Anson (hands outstretched)1st BaseChicagoA
(4)Cap Anson (left hand on hip)1st BaseChicagoC
(5)Tug ArundelCatcherIndianapolisA
(6)Sam Barkley2nd BasePittsburghA
(7)Sam BarkleyBatterSt. LouisB
(8)Charley Bassett2nd BasePhila.A
(9)Charlie Bastian2nd BasePhila.A
(10)Ed BeecherLeft FieldPittsburgA
(11)Charlie BennettCatcherDetroitA
(12)Henry BoylePitcherIndianapolisC
(13)Dan Brouthers (hands outstretched)1st BaseDetroitA
(14)Dan Brouthers (with bat)1st BaseDetroitC
(15)Tom BrownRight FieldPittsburghA
(16)Jack Burdock2nd BaseBostonA
(17)Oyster BurnsBatterBaltimoreC
(18)Tom Burns (Chicago)2nd BaseChicagoA
(19)Doc BushongCatcherSt. LouisB
(20)John CahillR. FielderIndianapolisC
(21)Cliff Carroll (Washington)Left FieldWashingtonA
(22)Fred Carroll (Pittsburgh)1st BasePittsburgA
(23)Parisian Bob Carruthers (Caruthers)PitcherSt. LouisB
(24)Dan CaseyPitcherPhila.C
(25)John Clarkson (ball near waist)PitcherChicagoA
(26)John Clarkson (arm outstretched)PitcherChicagoC
(27)Jack ClementsCatcherPhila.A
(28)John ColemanCentre FieldPittsburgA
(29)Charles Comiskey1st BaseSt. LouisB
(30)Roger Connor (hands chest level)1st BaseNew YorkC
(31)Roger Connor (hands face level)1st BaseN. Y.A
(32)Corbett2nd BaseLaCrosseC
(33)Sam Craig (Crane)Left FielderWashingtonC
(34)Sam CraneShort StopWashingtonC
(36)Ed Cushmann (Cushman)PitcherMets N.Y.C
(37)Ed Dailey (Daily)Right FieldWashingtonA
(38)Con Daley (Daily)..CatcherBostonA
(39)Pat DeasleyCatcherNew YorkC
(40)Jerry Denny (hands on knees)3rd BaseIndianapolisA
(41)Jerry Denny (hands on thighs)3d BaseIndianapolisC
(42)Jim Donnelly3d BaseWashingtonA
(43)Jim Donohue (Donahue)CatcherMets N.Y.C
(44)Mike DorganRight FieldN.Y.A
(45)Mike DorganBatterNew YorkC
(46)Sure Shot Dunlap2d BaseDetroitA
(47)Dude Esterbrook3rd BaseMets N.Y.C
(48)Buck Ewing (ready to tag)2d BaseN.Y.A
(49)Buck Ewing (hands at neck)2nd BaseN.Y.C
(50)Sid Farrar1st BasePhil.A
(51)Jack Farrell (ready to tag)2d BaseWashingtonA
(52)Jack Farrell (hands at knees)2nd BaseWashingtonC
(53)Charlie FergusonPitcherPhila.A
(54)Silver FlintCatcherChicagoA
(55)Jim FogertyRight FieldPhila.A
(56)Tom ForsterShort StopMilwaukeeC
(57)Dave FoutzPitcherSt. LouisB
(58)Chris FulmerCatcherBaltimoreC
(59)Joe Gerhardt2nd BaseMets N.Y.C
(60)Charlie GetzeinPitcherDetroitA
(61)Pete Gillespie (left field)Left FieldN.Y.A
(62)Pete Gillespie (batter)BatterNew YorkC
(63)Barney GilliganCatcherWashingtonA
(64)Jack Glasscock (fielding grounder)Short StopIndianapolisA
(65)Jack Glasscock (hands on knees)S. StopIndianapolisC
(66)Will GleasonShort StopSt. LouisB
(67)Piano Legs GoreCenter FieldN.Y.A
(68)Frank Hankinson3rd BaseMets N.Y.C
(69)Ned HanlonCenter FieldDetroitA
(70)Jim HartPitcherMilwaukeeC
(71)Egyptian HealyPitcherIndianapolisA
(72)Paul Hines (center field)Center FieldWashingtonA
(73)Paul Hines (batter)BatterWashingtonC
(74)Joe HornungLeft FieldBostonA
(75)Cutrate IrwinShort StopPhila.A
(76)Dick JohnstonCentre FieldBostonA
(77)Tim Keefe (ball in hand)PitcherN.Y.A
(78)Tim KeefePitcherN.Y.C
(79)King Kelly (right field)Right FieldBostonA
(80)King Kelly (catcher)CatcherBostonC
(82)Matt KilroyPitcherBaltimoreC
(83)Arlie Latham3d BaseSt. LouisB
(84)Jimmy ManningShort StopDetroitA
(85)Bill McClellan2d BaseBrooklynA
(86)Jim McCormickPitcherPittsburgA
(87)Jack McGeachyCentre FieldMinneapolisA
(88)Jumbo McGinnisCatcherSt. LouisB
(89)George MeyersCatcherIndianapolisC
(90)Doggie MillerCatcherPittsburgA
(91)John Morrill (hands outstretched)1st BaseBostonA
(92)John Morrill (hands at chin)1st BaseBostonC
(93)Tom Morrissy1st BaseMilwaukeeC
(94)Joe Mulvey (hands on knees)3rd BasePhila.A
(95)Joe Mulvey (hands above head)3rd BasePhila.C
(96)Al MyersShort StopWashingtonA
(97)Candy NelsonR. FieldMets N.Y.C
(98)Nick NicholR. FieldSt. LouisB
(99)Billy O'Brien1st BaseWashingtonA
(100)Tip O'NeilL. FieldSt. LouisB
(101)Jim O'Rourke (hands cupped)CatcherN.Y.A
(102)Jim O'Rourke (hands on thighs)CatcherN.Y.C
(103)Dave OrrBatterMets N.Y.C
(104)Jimmy PeoplesCatcherBrooklynA
(105)Fred Pfeffer2d BaseChicagoA
(106)Bill Phillips1st BaseBrooklynA
(107)Mark PolhemusRight FieldIndianapolisA
(108)Henry PorterPitcherBrooklynA
(109)Blondie PurcellR. FielderBaltimoreC
(110)Old Hoss Radbourn (facing left)PitcherBostonA
(111)Old Hoss Radbourn (facing straight)PitcherBostonC
(112)Danny Richardson (hands at knees)3d BaseN.Y.A
(113)Danny Richardson (foot on base)2nd BaseNew YorkC
(114)Hardy Richardson (hands at shoulder)Left FieldDetroitA
(115)Hardy Richardson (hand above head)L.F.DetroitC
(116)Yank Robinson2d BaseSt. LouisB
(117)George RooksBatterLaCrosseC
(118)Chief RosemannC. FieldMets N.Y.C
(119)Jimmy RyanRight FieldChicagoA
(120)Emmett Seery (hands at shoulder)Left FielderIndianapolisA
(121)Emmett Seery (hands outstretched)L. FielderIndianapolisC
(122)Otto Shomberg1st BaseIndianapolisA
(123)Pap SmithShort StopPittsburgA
(124)Joe StraussBatterMilwaukeeC
(125)Danny SullivanBatterSt. LouisB
(126)Marty SullivanLeft FieldChicagoA
(127)Billy SundayCenter FieldChicagoA
(128)Ezra Sutton3rd BaseBostonA
(129)Sam Thompson (hand at belt)Right FieldDetroitA
(130)Sam Thompson (hand chest high)R.F.DetroitC
(131)Chris von der AhePresidentSt. LouisB
(132)John Ward (fielding grounder)Short StopN.Y.A
(133)John Ward (hands by knee)S. StopNew YorkC
(134)John Ward (hands on knees)Short StopN.Y.C
(135)Curt WelchC. FieldSt. LouisB
(136)Deacon White3rd BaseDetroitA
(137)Art Whitney3d BasePittsburgA
(138)Jim (Grasshopper) WhitneyPitcherWashingtonA
(139)Ned Williamson (fielding grounder)Short StopChicagoA
(140)Ned Williamson (hands at chest)2nd BaseChicagoC
(141)Medoc WiseShort StopBostonA
(142)Dandy Wood (hands at shoulder)Left FieldPhila.A
(143)Dandy Wood (stealing base)Left FielderPhila.C

# Player Position Team Subset
(see notes)
Subset A consists of 76 players. However, they are represented in only 17 different graphical poses. These include seven different poses for the position of pitcher, three for catcher, and one for each of the other positions.
Subset B consists of 14 cards, all members of the St. Louis Browns. One card in this subset is a photo of Brown's owner, Chris Von Der Ahe, and is the only card in the N284 set that is not a generic drawing of its subject.
Subset C consists of 53 cards. Unlike those in subset A, each card is generally unique in design. Of the 53 players in subset C, 26 are found in one of the other subsets.

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