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1887   N690   Kalamazoo Bats
Player Checklist

Card # Description

(1)Ed Andrews
(2)Charles Bastian, Harry Lyons
(3)Louis Bierbauer
(4)Louis Bierbauer, Gallagher
(5)Charles Buffington (Buffinton)
(6)Daniel Casey
(7)Jack Clements
(8)Roger Connor
(9)Larry Corcoran
(10)Ed Cushman
(11)Pat Deasley
(12)Jim Devlin
(13)Jim Donahue
(14)Mike Dorgan
(15)Dude Esterbrooke (Esterbrook)
(16)Buck Ewing
(17)Sid Farrar
(18)Charles Ferguson
(19)Jim Fogarty
(20)Jim Fogarty, Deacon McGuire
(21)Elmer Foster
(22)Whitey Gibson
(23)Pete Gillespie
(24)Tom Gunning
(25)Bill Holbert
(26)Arthur Irwin
(27)Arthur Irwin, Al Maul
(28)Tim Keefe
(29)Ted Larkin
(30)Ted Larkins (Larkin), Jocko Milligan
(31)Jack Lynch
(32)Denny Lyons
(33)Denny Lyons (actually Jim Devlin), Tom Taylor
(34)Harry Lyons
(35)Fred Mann
(36)Fred Mann, Uncle Robbie Robinson
(37)Charlie Mason
(38)Bobby Mathews
(39)Al Maul
(40)Al Mays
(41)Jim McGan (McGarr)
(42)Deacon McGuire (catching)
(43)Deacon McGuire (throwing)
(44)Tom McLaughlin
(45)Jocko Milligan, Harry Stowe (Stovey)
(46)Joseph Mulvey
(47)Candy Nelson
(48)Jim O'Rourke
(49)Dave Orr
(50)Tom Poorman
(51)Danny Richardson
(52)Uncle Robbie (Wilbert) Robinson
(53)Chief Roseman
(54)Ed Seward
(55)Harry Stowe (Stovey; hands on hips)
(56)Harry Stowe (Stovey; hands outstretched)
(57)Sleepy (George) Townsend
(58)Jocko Milligan, Sleepy (George) Townsend
(59)Monty Ward
(60)Gus Weyhing
(61)George "Dandy" Wood
(62)Harry Wright

Note: In the past several decades, more than 10 cards have been added to the N690 Checklist (the most recent being that of Bill Holbert, discovered in 2007). Because of these discoveries, it is likely that the above checklist is incomplete and, with a little luck, more players will be added in the future.

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