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1912   S110   Pillow Top Premiums

(shown at approximately one-third actual size)

Year(s) Published: 1912
ACC Designation:   S110
Set Name: "Silk" Pillow Top
Card Size (inches): 22-1/2 square
Number of Cards in Set: 2
Est. Value (common; VG): $3000
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Set Summary
  • Issued as premium for Helmar brand of Lorillard Tobacco Co.
  • Five baseball player images printed on satin fabric
  • Identical player images as found S81 Silks and L1 Leathers
  • Intended for use as cover in making pillow cases
  • Found in one of two configurations: either O'Toole or Johnson
  • Both configs also feature Baker, Cobb, Mathewson and Speaker
  • Offered in exchange for 50 coupons from cigarette packs

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