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1933   PX3   Double Header Buttons

Year(s) Published: 1933
ACC Designation:   PX3
Set Name: Double Header Buttons
Card Size (inches): 1-1/4 dia.
Number of Cards in Set: 43
Est. Value (common; VG): $25

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(shown approximately 50% larger than actual size)

Set Summary
  • Issued around 1933 by Gum, Inc. of Philadelphia
  • Player images printed on solid color metal disks
  • Player name, team printed at bottom of disk
  • "1" or "2" inside circle printed at very bottom of pin
  • Designed so the "1" and "2" sides formed 2-sided coin
  • Colors include red, green, yellow, blue and beige
  • 500 players promised on wrapper; only 43 known in hobby
  • PX3 designation first used in Sports Collector's Bible

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