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1943/49   R302   M. P. & Co.
Checklist of Players


Card #


(1)Ernie Bonham
(2)Lou Boudreau
(3)Ralph Camilli
(4)Mort Cooper
(5)Walker Cooper
(6)Joe Cronin
(7)Hank Danning
(8)Bill Dickey
(10)Bobby Feller
(11)Jimmy Foxx
(12)Hank Greenberg
(13)Stan Hack
(14)Tom Henrich
(15)Carl Hubbell
(16)Joe Medwick
(17)John Mize
(18)Lou Novikoff
(19)Mel Ott
(20)Pee Wee Reese
(21)Pete Reiser
(22)Charlie Ruffing
(23)Johnny Vandermeer
(24)Ted Williams

Card #

R302-1 Player (Card #)
that uses same artwork

100*Lou BoudreauBoudreau (#2)
101*Ted WilliamsWilliams (#24)
102Buddy KerrBonham (#1)
103*Bobby FellerFeller (#10)
104---not used-----
105*Joe DiMaggioDiMaggio (#9)
106*Pee Wee ReeseReese (#20)
107Ferris FainGreenberg (#12)
108Andy PafkoNovikoff (#18)
109Del EnnisHubbell (#15)
110Ralph KinerFoxx (#11)
111Nippy JonesM. Cooper (#4)
112Dell RiceW. Cooper (#5)
113Hank SauerMize (#17)
114Gil CoanReiser (#21)
115Eddie JoostRuffing (#22)
116Alvin DarkOtt (#19)
117Larry BerraDanning (#7)
118---not used-----
119Bob LemonHack (#13)
120---not used-----
121Johnny PeskyMedwick (#16)
122Johnny SainCronin (#6)
123Hoot EversCamilli (#3)
124Larry DobyVandermeer (#23)
 ---*Tom HenrichHendrich (#14)
 ---Al KozarDickey (#8)

* The asterisks identify the six players that are common to both sets. In all cases, these six players use the same artwork for both sets.

Note: Card numbers for the R302-1 set are arranged alphabetically by player's last name. Numbers for cards in the R302-2 set are as printed on the card backs.

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