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1933   R306   Butter Cream
Player Checklist

Card # Player Position League 1932
Bat. Avg.

(1)Earl AverillCenter FieldA. L..314
(2)Ed BrandtPitcherN. L..206
(3)Guy T. BushPitcherN. L..178
(4)Gordon CochraneCatcherA. L..293
(5)Joe CroninShortstopA. L..318
(6)George EarnshawPitcherA. L..286
(7)Wesley FerrellPitcherA. L..242
(8)"Jimmy" E. Foxx (Jimmie)First BaseA. L..364
(9)Frank C. Frisch2nd BaseN. L..292
(10)Charles M. GelbertShortstopN. L..268
(11)"Lefty" Robert M. GrovePitcherA. L..168
(12)Leo Charles HartnettCatcherN. L..270
(13)"Babe" HermanRight FieldN. L..314
(14)Charles KleinCenter FieldN. L..340
(15)Ray KremerPitcherN. L..105
(16)Fred C. Linstrom (Lindstrom)3rd baseN. L..270
(17)Ted A. LyonsPitcherA. L..260
(18)"Pepper" John L. Martin3rd BaseN. L..238
(19)Robert O'FarrellCatcherN. L..239
(20)Ed A. RommelPitcherA. L..300
(21)Charles RootPitcherN. L..171
(22)Harold "Muddy" Ruel (Herold)CatcherA. L..235
(23)Babe RuthRight FielderA. L..341
(24)"Al" SimmonsLeft FieldA. L..322
(25)"Bill" TerryFirst BaseN. L..350
(26)George E. UhlePitcherA. L..182
(27)Lloyd J. WanerLeft FieldN. L..333
(28)Paul G. WanerRight FieldN. L..341
(29)Hack WilsonCenter FieldN. L..297
(30)Glen WrightShortstopN. L..273

1) Bold Type identifies the 16 players now in baseball's Hall of Fame.

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