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1929-30   R315
Player Checklist

Card Format Types      
Card Player Team A B C D

(1)Earl AverillIndiansyesyes----
(2)*"Benny" BengoughYankeesyesyes----
(3)Laurence Benton (Lawrence)Giantsyesyes----
(4)*"Max" BishopAthleticsyesyes----
(5)"Sunny Jim" BottomleyCardinalsyesyes----
(6)*Bill CissellWhite Sox----yesyes
(7)*Bud Clancey (Clancy)White Sox----?yes
(8)"Freddy" FitzsimmonsGiantsyesyes----
(9)"Jimmy" FoxxAthleticsyesyes----
(10)"Johnny" Fredericks (Frederick)Robinsyesyes----
(11)*Frank FrischCardinalsyesyes----
(12)"Lou" GehrigYankeesyesyes----
(13)"Goose" GoslinSenatorsyesyes----
(14)Burleigh GrimesPiratesyesyes----
(15)"Lefty" GroveAthleticsyesyes----
(16)"Mule" HaasAthleticsyesyes----
(17)*Harvey Hendricks (Hendrick)Robins----yes?
(18)"Babe" HermanRobinsyesyes----
(19)*"Roger" Hornsby (Rogers)Cubsyesyes----
(20)Karl Hubbell (Carl)Giantsyesyes----
(21)*"Stonewall" JacksonGiantsyesyes----
(22)*Smead JolleyWhite Sox----?yes
(23)*"Chuck" KleinPhilliesyesyes----
(24)Mark KoenigYankeesyesyes----
(25)*Tony Lazerri (Lazzeri)Yankeesyesyes----
(26)Fred LeachGiantsyesyes----
(27)"Freddy" Lindstorm (Lindstrom)Giantsyesyes----
(28)Fred MarberrySenatorsyesyes----
(29)*"Bing" MillerAthleticsyesyes----
(30)Frank O'DoulGiantsyesyes----
(31)"Bob" O'FarrellGiantsyesyes----
(32)"Herbie" PennockYankeesyesyes----
(33)*George PipgrasYankeesyesyes----
(34)Andrew ReeseGiantsyesyes----
(35)Carl ReynoldsWhite Sox----yes?
(36)"Babe" RuthYankeesyesyes----
(37)"Bob" ShawkeyYankeesyesyes----
(38)Art ShiresWhite Sox----yes?
(39)*"Al" SimmonsAthleticsyesyes----
(40)*"Riggs" StephensonCubsyesyes----
(41)"Bill" TerryGiantsyesyes----
(42)*"Pie" TraynorPiratesyesyes----
(43)"Dazzy" VanceRobinsyesyes----
(44)*Paul WanerPiratesyesyes----
(45)Hack WilsonCubsyesyes----
(46)"Tom" ZacharyYankeesyesyes----

1) Bold Type indicates players now in the baseball Hall of Fame.

2) Astericks (*) next to the card sequence number indicate cards known to be printed on yellow stock. It seems likely (but not verified) that all cards (or at least all Type A/B cards) were produced with the yellow stock variation. We welcome feedback from any of our readers who can confirm knowledge of player cards not noted with an asterisk in the checklist.

3) The question marks (?) for Type C and Type D cards indicate that these variations have not been verified by collectors. Please contact Old Cardboard if you know of the existance of any of these variations and we will update the checklist accordingly.

4) Reader additions and corrections should be addressed to editor@oldcardboard.com.

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