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1951   R414-05   Topps "Red Backs" & "Blue Backs"

Front Design (Both Series)

Red Back ("A" Series)

Blue Back ("B" Series)
(shown at approximate actual size)

Year(s) Published: 1951
ACC Designation:   R414-5
Set Name: Red/Blue Backs
Card Size (inches): 2 x 2-5/8
Number of Cards in Set: 104
Est. Value (common; VG): $4
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Set Summary
  • Produced in 1951 by Topps Gum Company of Brooklyn, NY
  • Fifty-two cards in each of two subsets: "Series A" & "Series B"
  • "A" Series have red backs; "B" Series have blue backs
  • Labeling includes card number, player name, very brief stats
  • Each card represents a baseball play: ball, foul, strike, HR, etc.
  • Printed on thick cardboard stock; originally 2 per package
  • Blue backs more difficult to find; carry higher value
  • Reference:
    David Hornish, "Topps' 1st Decade of Baseball Cards--Part II: Novelty & Test Issues of the 1950s" (Old Cardboard magazine, Issue #13, Fall 2007, p. 23-29)

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