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Hall of Fame Rookie Card Detail
Nellie Fox

Nellie Fox Career Statistics
HOF Year: 1997
First Year in MLB: 1947 HOF Category: Player
Last Year in MLB: 1965 HOF Electing Group: Veterans Committee
The true Rookie Card for Nellie Fox originates from the 1949 Philadelphia Athletics Team Issue Photo Pack. Another extremely scarce collectible picturing Fox was also produced in 1949 by the Philadelphia Bulletin and was meant to be cut out and removed from the newspaper. The first mainstream card picturing Fox hails from the 1951 Bowman set and is very popular with collectors. Subsequently, Fox would appear in two card issues produced during the 1952 season: the Red Man Tobacco set and the Berk Ross set.

Rookie Card (A)

1949 Philadelphia Team Issue

Rookie Card (B)

1949 Philadelphia Bulletin

Rookie Card (C)

1951 Bowman

Rookie Card (D)

1952 Berk Ross

Rookie Card (E)

1952 Red Man Tobacco

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