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Hall of Fame Rookie Card Detail
Larry MacPhail

Player Name: Larry MacPhail HOF Year: 1978
First Year in MLB: n/a HOF Category: Pioneer/Exec.
Last Year in MLB: n/a HOF Electing Group: Veterans Committee
The earliest card depicting Larry MacPhail originates from the 1973-80 TCMA All-Time Greats issue. Subsequently, a Dexter Press HOF Postcard picturing MacPhail was produced during the 1979 baseball season. In addition, a postcard of MacPhail was included in the 1980-01 Perez Steele HOF Postcards series. Another MacPhail card also issued by the Baseball Hall of Fame hails from the 1981-89 HOF Metallic Plaques set. Finally, an oddball card of MacPhail was produced in 1982 by the Ohio Hall of Fame.

Rookie Card (A)

1973-80 TCMA ATG

Rookie Card (B)

1979 Dexter HOF Postcards

Rookie Card (C)

1980-01 Perez Steele HOF PC

Rookie Card (D)

1981-89 HOF Metallic Plaques

Rookie Card (E)

1982 Ohio Hall of Fame

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