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Hall of Fame Rookie Card Detail
Mel Ott

Mel Ott Career Statistics
(from baseball-reference.com)
HOF Year: 1951
First Year in MLB: 1926 HOF Category: Player
Last Year in MLB: 1947 HOF Electing Group: Baseball Writers
There are a few options when it comes to collecting Rookie Cards for Mel Ott. Many collectors would consider his 1929-30 "4-on-1" Exhibits card to be the most popular. However, a scarcer Ott card was also issued during the 1929 season by the Leader Novelty Candy Company. In addition, a more mainstream card depicting Ott appears within the 1929 Kashin baseball set. Subsequently, another early card picturing Ott was issued as part of the Baguer Chocolate Cuban series. Finally, a popular Mel Ott strip card was included within the W554 issue.

Rookie Card (A)

1929-30 W463-1 "4-on-1" Exhibits

Rookie Card (B)

1929 R316 Kashin

Rookie Card (C)

1929 Leader Novelty Candy Co.

Rookie Card (D)

1930 Baguer Chocolate

Rookie Card (E)

1930 W554

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