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Hall of Fame Rookie Card Detail
Edd Roush

Edd Roush Career Statistics
(from baseball-reference.com)
HOF Year: 1962
First Year in MLB: 1913 HOF Category: Player
Last Year in MLB: 1931 HOF Electing Group: Veterans Committee
All collectors will agree that the only true Rookie Card of Edd Rousch appears within the high-number series of 1915 Cracker Jacks. Subsequently, another popular, early card depicting Rousch hails from the 1916 Sporting News set. Additionally, another Rousch card was also produced during the 1916 baseball season by Fleischmann Bakery. One more card of Rousch was also issued in 1916 by the Standard Biscuit company. Finally, a popular but scarce Rousch card was included within the 1917 Collins McCarthy series.

Rookie Card (A)

1915 E145 Cracker Jack #161

Rookie Card (B)

1916 M101-5/4 Sporting News

Rookie Card (C)

1916 D381 Fleischmann Bakery

Rookie Card (D)

1916 D350 Standard Biscuit

Rookie Card (E)

1917 E135 Collins McCarthy

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