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1911   T201   Mecca Double Folders
Player Checklist

# Description

(1)William Abstein, John Butler
(2)Frank Baker, Edward Collins
(3)Harry Baker, Thomas Downie (Downey)
(4)James Barrett, Grant McGlynn
(5)John Barry, John Lapp
(6)Charles Bender, Reuben Oldring
(7)William Bergan, Zack Wheat
(8)Walter Blair, Roy Hartzell
(9)Roger Bresnahan, Miller Huggins
(10)Albert Bridwell, Christy Matthewson (Mathewson)
(11)Mordecai Brown, Arthur Hofman
(12)Robert Byrne, Fred Clarke
(13)Frank Chance, John Evers
(14)Harold Chase, Edward Sweeney
(15)Edward Cicotte, John Thoney
(16)Thomas Clarke, Harry Gaspar
(17)Ty Cobb, Sam Crawford
(18)Leonard Cole, John King
(19)John Coombs, Ira Thomas
(20)Jake Daubert, Nap Rucker
(21)Bill Donovan, Ralph Stroud
(22)Charles Dooin, John Titus
(23)Patsy Dougherty, Harry Lord
(24)Jerry Downs, Fred Odwell
(25)Larry Doyle, Chief Meyers
(26)James Dygert, Cy Seymour
(27)Norman Elberfeld, George McBride
(28)Fred Falkenberg, Napoleon Lajoie
(29)Edward Fitzpatrick, Ed Killian
(30)Russell Ford, Otis Johnson
(31)Edward Foster, Joseph Ward
(32)Earl Gardner, Tris Speaker
(33)George Gibson, Thomas Leach
(34)George Graham, Al Mattern
(35)Edward Grant, John McLean
(36)Arnold Hauser, Ernest Lush
(37)Charles Herzog, Roy Miller
(38)Charles Hickman, Harry Hinchman
(39)Hugh Jennings, Edgar Summers
(40)Walter Johnson, Charles Street
(41)Frank Laporte, James Stephens
(42)Joseph Lake, Robert Wallace
(43)Albert Leifield, Mike Simon
(44)John Lobert, Earl Moore
(45)Arthur McCabe, Charles Starr
(46)Lewis McCarty, Joseph McGinnty
(47)Fred Merkle, George Wiltse
(48)Frederick Payne, Edward Walsh
(49)George Stovall, Terrence Turner
(50)Otto Williams, Orville Woodruff

1) Bold Type indicates players now in the baseball Hall of Fame.

2) The cards in the T201 set are unnumbered. Paranthesis around card numbers indicate hobby numbers that have been assigned based on the last names of the players on the card.

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