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1914   T222   Fatima
Player Checklist

Card # Player Number on
Card Front *

(1)Grover Alexander7
(2)Jimmy Archer5
(3)Jimmy Austin12
(4)Jack Barry3
(5)George Baumgardner13
(6)Rube Benton12
(7)Roger Bresnahan7
(8)Boardwalk Brown8
(9)George Burns-
(10)Bullet Joe Bush6
(11)George Chalmers-
(12)Frank Chance3
(13)Al Demaree7
(14)Art Fletcher3
(15)Earl Hamilton13
(16)John Henry15
(17)Byron Houck7
(18)Miller Huggins8
(19)Hughie Jennings7
(20)Walter Johnson15
(21)Ray Keating12
(22)Jack Lapp4
(23)Tommy Leach9
(24)Nemo Leibold14
(25)Jack Lelivelt15
(26)Hans Lobert15
(27)Lee Magee12
(28)Sherry Magee15
(29)Fritz Maisel6
(30)Rube Marquard-
(31)George McBride14
(32)Larry McInnis5
(33)Stuffy McLean3
(34)Ray Morgan6
(35)Eddie Murphy8
(36)Red Murray14
(37)Rube Oldring6
(38)Bill Orr7
(39)Hub Perdue-
(40)Art Phelan9
(41)Ed Reulbach5
(42)Vic Saier-
(43)Slim Sallee7
(44)Wally Schang4
(45)Wildfire Schulte14
(46)J. C. "Red" Smith15
(47)Amos Strunk4
(48)Bill Sweeney4
(49)Lefty Tyler4
(50)Ossie Vitt5
(51)Ivy Wingo8
(52)Heinie Zimmerman2

* Indicates the number (of unknown significance) in small type below the player name on most of the card fronts.

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