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1925-31   "Postcard-Back" Exhibits
Player Checklist

# Subset Description Position Team

(1)1,2Virgil BarnesPitcherNew Yory(sp) N.L.
(2)1Johnny BasslerInfielderSt. Louis N.L.
(3)1Sammy BohneInfielderCincinatti N.L.
(4)1,2Jim BottomleyInfielderSt. Louis N.L.
(5)1Ty Cobb (Detroit)OutfielderDetroit AM
(6)2Ty Cobb (Philadelphia)OutfielderAthletics A.L.
(7)3Mickey Cochranen/aAthletics A.L.
(8)-Urban Fabern/aChicago AM.L.
(9) SB2Urban Fabern/aChicago AM.L.
(10)1Jack FournierInfielderBrooklyn N.L.
(11)3Jimmy Foxx (Jimmie)n/aAthletics A.L.
(12)1Frank Frisch (New York)InfielderGiants N.L.
(13)-Frank Frisch (St. Louis)InfielderSt. Louis N.L.
(14)-Lou Gehrig (batting)n/aNew York AM.L.
(15) SB2Lou Gehrig (batting)n/aNew York AM.L.
(16)3Lou Gehrig (portrait)n/aYankees A.L.
(17)1Tom GriffithOutfielderBrooklyn
(18)1Heinie GrohInfielderNew York N. L.
(19)3Lefty Groven/aAthletics A.L.
(20)3George Haasn/aAthletics A.L.
(21)1Stanley HarrisInfielderWashington
(22)-Charlie Hartnettn/aChicago N.L.
(23) SB2Charlie Harnettn/aChicago N.L.
(24)1Harry HeilmannOutfielderDetroit AM.L.
(25)1Rogers Hornsby (St. Louis)InfielderSt. Louis N.L.
(26)-Rogers Hornsby (Boston)InfielderBoston N.L.
(27)3Rogers Hornsby (Chicago)n/aChicago N.L.
(28)1Walter JohnsonPitcherWashington AM.L.
(29)1Jimmy JohnstonInfielderBrooklyn N. L.
(30)1Joe JudgeInfielderWashington A.L.
(31) *1George KellyInfielderNew York N.L.
(32) *3Chuck Kleinn/aPhillies N.L.
(33) *1Hugh McQuillanPitcherNew York N.L.
(34) *1"Bob" MeuselOutfielderNew York AM.L.
(35) *3Bing Millern/aAthletics A. L.
(36) *3Lefty O'Douln/aPhillies N.L.
(37) *1Roger Peckinpaugh (Washington)InfielderWashington AM.L.
(38) *-Roger Peckinpaugh (Cleveland)InfielderCleveland A. L.
(39) *1Ralph PinelliInfielderCincinnati N.L.
(40) *1Walter PippInfielderNew York AM. L.
(41) *1Jimmy RingPitcherPhiladelphia N.L.
(42) *1Eppa RixeyPitcherCincinnati N.L.
(43)1Ed Rouch (Edd Roush)OutfielderCincinnati N.L.
(44)-Ed Rouch (Edd Roush; New York)OutfielderNew York N.L.
(45)1Babe Ruth (pose with bat)OutfielderNew York
(46)-Babe Ruth (bat follow-through)OurfielderNew York A.L.
(47)1John SandInfielderPhiledelphia N.L.
(48)1Everett ScottInfielderNew York A. M.
(49)1Al Simmons (pose 1)n/aAthletics, A.L.
(50)-Al Simmons (pose 2)OutfielderAthletics AM. L.
(51)-George Sislern/aWashington AM.L.
(52) SB2George Sislern/aWashington AM.L.
(53)1Jack SmithOutfielderSt. Louis N. L.
(54)-Tris Speakern/aAthletic AM.L.
(55) SB2Tris Speakern/aAthletic AM.L.
(56)-Phil Todtn/aBoston AM.L.
(57) SB2Phil Todtn/aBoston AM.L.
(58)1Specs ToporcerInfielderSt. Louis N. L.
(59)3Pie Traynorn/aPittsburgh N.L.
(60)3Dazzy Vancen/aBrooklyn N. L.
(61)3Rube Walbergn/aAthletics A. L.
(62)-Paul Waner (batting)n/aPittsburgh N.L.
(63) SB2Paul Waner (batting)n/aPittsburgh N.L.
(64)-Paul Waner (portrait)n/aPittsburgh N.L.
(65)1Zack WheatOutfielderBrooklyn
(66)1Cy WilliamsOurfielderPhiladelphia N.L.
(67)3Hack Wilsonn/aChicago N.L.
(68)-Jimmy Wilsonn/aPhiladelphia N.L.
(69) SB2Jimmy Wilsonn/aPhiladelphia N.L.
(70)-Gehrig, Grove, Donahue & Cochranen/aMultiple
(71)-O'Doul, Vance, Critz & Shiresn/aMultiple
(72)-Judge, Waner, Kamm & Jacksonn/aMultiple
(73)-Miller, Collins, Kelly, Kleinn/aMultiple

1) "SB" Indicates the eight variation cards in the set with a Silhouette (non-photographic) Background
2) Asterisk (*) indicates that the same pose is also used in the W517 strip card set.

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