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1929-30   W463-1   "Four-on-One" Exhibits
Player Checklist

# Team Players

American League
(1)Boston (Red Sox)Heving, Rothrock, Ruffing, Reeves
(2)Boston (Red Sox)Todt, Rhyne, Regan, Taitt, D.
(3)Chicago (White Sox)Cissell, Clancy, J., Kerr, Kamm
(4)Chicago (White Sox)Metzler, Thomas, Reynolds, Autrey
(5)Cleveland (Indians)Fonseca, Sewell, Lind, Tavener
(6)Cleveland (Indians)Holloway, Falk, Sewell, Averill
(7)Detroit (Tigers)Alexander, McManus, Rice, Gehringer
(8)Detroit (Tigers)Shea, Uhle, Heilman, Richardson
(9)New York (Yankees)Hoyt, Lazzeri, Bengough, Coombs
(10)New York (Yankees)Koenig, Ruth, Durocher, Gehrig
(11)Philadelphia (Athletics)Foxx, Cochrane, Grove, Haas
(12)Philadelphia (Athletics)Summa, Dykes, Hale, Bishop
(13)St. Louis (Browns)Manush, Shang, Gray, Kress
(14)St. Louis (Browns)Melillo, O'Rourke, Blue, Schulte
(15)Washington (Senators)Goslin, Bluege, Ruel, Judge
(16)Washington (Senators)Rice, Hayes, Jones, Myer
National League
(17)Boston (Braves)Collins, Dugan, Farrel, Sisler
(18)Boston (Braves)Richbourg, Maguire, Smith, Harper
(19)Brooklyn (Dodgers)Flowers, Vance, Cullop, Hendrick
(20)Brooklyn (Dodgers)Herman, Bancroft, DeBerry, Bisonette
(21)Chicago (Cubs)Hartnett, Beck, Wilson, Hornsby
(22)Chicago (Cubs)Root, Cuyler, English, Grimm
(23)Cincinnati (Reds)Critz, Walker, Kelly, Picinich
(24)Cincinnati (Reds)Purdy, Pittenger, Lucas, Ford
(25)New York (Giants)Benton, Ott, Terry, Reese
(26)New York (Giants)Hogan, Jackson, Welsh, Lindstrom
(27)Philadelphia (Phillies)O'Doul, Friberg, Thompson, Hurst
(28)Philadelphia (Phillies)Williams, Whitney, Benge, Sweetland
(29)Pittsburgh (Pirates)Adams, Bartell, Traynor, Sheely
(30)Pittsburgh (Pirates)Waner, Hargreaves, Kremer, Waner, P
(31)St. Louis (Cardinals)Alexander, Wilson, Frisch, Bottomley
(32)St. Louis (Cardinals)Haney, Hafey, Douthit, Gilbert

Note: Cards in all Exhibit 4-on-1 sets are sequenced first by League, then by the city name of the eight American League and eight National League teams represented in each set. Within each card, players are listed in the order that they appear (i.e., top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right).

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