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1922   W503   Strip Card Set
Player Checklist

Card # Description

1Joe Bush
2Wally Schang
3Dave Robertson
4Wally Pipp
5Bill Ryan
6George Kelly
7Frank Snyder
8Jimmy O'Connell
9Bill Cunningham
10Norman McMillan
11Waite Hoyt
12Art Neft
13George Sisler
14Al DeVormer
15Case Stengel
16Ken Williams
17Joe Dugan
18"Irish" Meusel
19Bob Meusel
20Carl Mays
21Frank Frisch
22Jess Barnes
23Walter Johnson
24Claude Jonnard
25Dave Bancroft
26Johnny Rawlings
27Pep Young
28Earl Smith
29Willie Kamm
30Art Fletcher
31Kid Gleason
32Babe Ruth
33Guy Morton
34Heinie Groh
35Leon Cadore
36Joe Tobin
37Rube Marquard
38Grover Alexander
39George Burns
40Joe Oeschger
41Chick Shorten
42Roger Hornsby (Rogers)
43Adolfo Luque
44Zack Wheat
45Herb Pruett (Hub)
46Rabbit Maranville
47Jimmy Ring
48Sherrod Smith
49Lea Meadows (Lee)
50Aaron Ward
51Herb Pennock
52Carlson Bigbee (Carson)
53Max Carey
54Charles Robertson
55Urban Shocker
56Dutch Ruether
57Jake Daubert
58Louis Guisto
59Ivy Wingo
60Bill Pertica
61Luke Sewell
62Hank Gowdy
63Jack Scott
64Stan Coveleskie (Coveleski)

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