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1920-21   W514   Strip Card Set
Player Checklist

# Player Position Team

1Ira Flagstad1st BaseTigers
2Babe RuthHome Run KingYankees
3Happy FelschCenter FieldWhite Sox
4Doc LavenShort StopCardinals
5Phil DouglasPitcherGiants
6Earle NealeRight FieldReds
7Leslie NunamakerCatcherIndians
8Sam Jones (Bob)InfielderTigers
9Claude HendrixPitcherCubs
10Frank SchulteOutfielderSenators
11Cactus CravathOutfielderQuakers (Phillies)
12Pat MoranManagerReds
13Dick RudolphPitcherBraves
14Arthur FletcherShort StopGiants
15Joe JacksonRight FieldWhite Sox
16Bill SouthworthLeft FieldPirates
17Ad LuquePitcherReds
18Charlie Deal2nd BaseCubs
19Al MamauxPitcherRobins (Dodgers)
20Stuffy McInness (McInnis)1st BaseRed Sox
21*Rabbit MaranvilleShort StopBraves/Pirates
22Max CareyOutfielderPirates
23Dick KerrPitcherWhite Sox
24George BurnsRight FieldGiants
25Eddie Collins3rd BaseWhite Sox
26Steve O'Neil (O'Neill)CatcherIndians
27Bill FisherPitcherQuakers (Phillies)
28Rube BresslerLeft FieldReds
29Bob ShawkeyPitcherYankees
30Donie BushShort StopTigers
31Chick Gandil1st BaseWhite Sox
32Ollie Zeider3rd BaseCubs
33Vean GreggPitcherAthletics
34Miller HugginsManagerYankees
35Lefty WilliamsPitcherWhite Sox
36Tub SpencerOutfielderTigers
37Lew McCartyCatcherGiants
38Hod EllerPitcherReds
39Joe Gedeon2nd BaseBrowns
40*Dave BancroftShort StopGiants/Quakers
41Clark GriffithManagerSenators
42Wilbur CooperPitcherPirates
43Ty CobbCenter FieldTigers
44Roger PeckinpaughShort StopYankees
45Nic Carter (Nick)PitcherCubs
46Heinie Groh3rd BaseReds
47*Bob RothInfielderIndians/Yankees
48Frank DavisPitcherQuakers (Phillies)
49Leslie MannOutfielderCubs
50Fielder JonesInfielderBrowns
51Bill DoakPitcherCardinals
52John J. McGrawManagerGiants
53Charles HollocherShort StopCubs
54Babe AdamsPitcherPirates
55Dode PaskertOutfielderQuakers (Phillies)
56Roger (Rogers) Hornsby2nd BaseCardinals
57Max Rath2nd BaseReds
58Jeff PfefferPitcherRobins
59Nick CullopPitcherCardinals
60Ray SchalkCatcherWhite Sox
61Bill JacobsonCenter FieldBrowns
62Nap LajoieFormer 2nd BaseIndians
63George GibsonFormer ManagerPirates
64Harry HooperOutfielderAthletics
65Grover AlexanderPitcherCubs
66Ping BodieCenter FieldYankees
67Hank GowdyCatcherBraves
68Jake Daubert1st BaseReds
69Red FaberPitcherWhite Sox
70Ivan OlsonShort StopRobins (Dodgers)
71Pickles DilhoeferCatcherQuakers (Phillies)
72Christy MathewsonFormer PitcherGiants
73Ira (Ivy) WingoCatcherReds
74Fred Merkle1st BaseCubs
75Frank Baker3rd BaseYankees
76Bert GalliaPitcherBrowns
77Milton WatsonInfielderCardinals
78Bert Shotten (Shotton)Right FieldCardinals
79Sam RiceRight FieldSenators
80Dan GreinerPitcherRobins (Dodgers)
81Larry Doyle2nd BaseGiants
82Eddie CicottePitcherWhite Sox
83Hugo BezdekManagerPirates
84Wally Pipp1st BaseYankees
85Eddie Rousch (Roush)Center FieldReds
86Slim SalleePitcherReds
87Bill Killifer (Killefer)CatcherCubs
88Bob VeachLeft FieldTigers
89Jim BurkePitcherTigers
90Everett ScottInfielderRed Sox
91Buck Weaver3rd BaseWhite Sox
92George WhittedOutfielderQuakers (Phillies)
93Ed Konetchy1st BaseRobins (Dodgers)
94Walter JohnsonPitcherSenators
95Sam CrawfordOutfielderTigers
96Fred MitchellManagerCubs
97Ira ThomasCatcherAthletics
98Jimmy RingPitcherReds
99Wally Shange (Schang)InfielderRed Sox
100Benny KauffCenter FieldGiants
101George Sisler1st BaseBrowns
102Tris SpeakerCenter FieldIndians
103Carl MaysPitcherYankees
104Buck Herzog3rd BaseCubs
105Swede RisbergShort StopWhite Sox
106*Hugh JenningsManagerTigers/Giants
107(Ross) Pep Young(s)Right FieldGiants
108Walter Reuther (Ruether)PitcherReds
109Joe Gharrity (Ed)CatcherSenators
110Zach WheatLeft FieldRobins (Dodgers)
111Jim VaughnPitcherCubs
112Kid GleasonManagerWhite Sox
113Casey StengelRight FieldPirates
114Hal Chase1st BaseGiants
115Oscar Stange (Stanage)CatcherTigers
116Larry SheanInfielderRed Sox
117Steve PendergastPitcherQuakers (Phillies)
118Larry KopfShort StopReds
119Charles WhitemanCenter FieldRed Sox
120Jess BarnesPitcherGiants

* Asterisk indicates cards for players with team variations

Bold Type identifies players now in the baseball Hall of Fame

1) #28 Rube Bressler image is actually that of Ivy Wingo. #73 Wingo's image is that of Greasy Neale.

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