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1920   W519   Strip Card Set
Player Checklist

Card #

Player W9316

116(8)Guy Morton
217(7)Rube Marquard
318*(3)Gabby Cravath (Gavvy)
419(6)Ernie Krueger
520(10)Babe Ruth
6--George Sisler8
7--Rube Benton
8--Jimmie Johnston5
9--Wilbur Robinson (Wilbert)3
10--Johnny Griffith4
11--Frank Baker2
12--Bob Veach1
13--Jesse Barnes10
14--Leon Cadore7
15--Ray Schalk9
1611(5)Kid Gleasen (Gleason)
1712(9)Joe Murphy
1813(4)Frank Frisch
1914(2)Eddie Collins
2015*-Wallie Schang6
--(1)Eddie Cicotte

* Num2 cards for Cravath and Schang were no doubt printed and numbered as indicated in the same 10-card strip with other verified Num2 cards. However, they have not been confirmed at this time. There are no known W519 Num2 cards with numbers 1 through 10.

1) Cards in both W519 Numbered sets are numbered on the card; for the W519 Unnumbered set they are not. The numbers in parenthesis for the W519-2 Unnumbered set indicate the sequence numbers (based on player's last name) that are generally used by collectors for checklist purposes.

2) All players in the 10-card W519-2 Unnumbered set except Eddie Chicotte are found in the 20-card Numbered set.

3) The checklist for the 20-card W519 Numbered set is identical to that for the 20-card W521 set (which is also numbered on the cards). However, the card images on the W521 set are reversed (mirrored).

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