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1923   W572   Strip Cards
Player Checklist

Card # Description

(1)Eddie Ainsmith
(2)Vic Aldridge
(3)Grover Alexander
(4)Dave Bancroft
(5)Walt Barbare
(6)Jesse Barnes
(7)John Bassler
(8)Lu Blue
(9)Norman Boeckel
(10)George Burns
(11)Joe Bush
(12)Leon Cadore
(13)Virgil Cheeves
(14)Ty Cobb
(15)Eddie Collins
(16)John Collins
(17)Wilbur Cooper
(18)Stanley Coveleski
(19)Walton Cruise
(20)Dave Danforth
(21)Jake Daubert
(22)Hank DeBerry/td>
(23)Lou DeVormer
(24)Bill Doak
(25)Pete Donohue
(26)Pat Duncan
(27)Jimmy Dykes
(28)Red Faber
(29)Bibb Falk
(30)Frankie Frisch
(31)Chick Galloway
(32)Ed Gharrity
(33)Charles Glazner
(34)Hank Gowdy
(35)Tom Griffith
(36)Burleigh Grimes
(37)Ray Grimes
(38)Heinie Groh
(39)Joe Harris
(40)Bucky Harris
(41)Joe Hauser
(42)Harry Heilmann
(43)Walter Henline
(44)Charles Hollocher
(45)Harry Hooper
(46)Rogers Hornsby
(47)Waite Hoyt
(48)Wilbert Hubbell
(49)William Jacobson
(50)Charlie Jamieson
(51)Syl Johnson
(52)Walter Johnson
(53)Jimmy Johnston
(54)Joe Judge
(55)George Kelly
(56)Lee King
(57)Larry Kopf
(58)George Laverette
(59)Al Mamaux
(60)Rabbit Maranville
(61)Rube Marquard
(62)Marty McManus
(63)Lee Meadows
(64)Mike Menosky
(65)Bob Meusel
(66)Emil Meusel
(67)George Mogridge
(68)John Morrison
(69)Johnny Mostil
(70)Roleine Naylor
(71)Art Nehf
(72)Joe Oeschger
(73)Bob O'Farrell
(74)Steve O'Neill
(75)Frank Parkinson
(76)Ralph Perkins
(77)Herman Pillette
(78)Ralph Pinelli
(79)Wally Pipp
(80)Raymond Powell
(81)Jack Quinn
(82)Goldie Rapp
(83)Dutch Ruether
(84)Sam Rice
(85)Emory Rigney
(86)Eppa Rixey
(87)Ed Rommel
(88)Edd Roush
(89)Babe Ruth
(90)Ray Schalk
(91)Wally Schang
(92)Walter Schmidt
(93)Joe Schultz
(94)Hank Severeid
(95)Joe Sewell
(96)Bob Shawkey
(97)Earl Sheely
(98)Will Sherdel
(99)Urban Shocker
(100)George Sisler
(101)Earl Smith
(102)Elmer Smith
(103)Jack Smith
(104)Bill Southworth
(105)Tris Speaker
(106)Arnold Statz
(107)Milton Stock
(108)Jim Tierney
(109)Pie Traynor
(110)George Uhle
(111)Bob Veach
(112)Clarence Walker
(113)Curtis Walker
(114)Bill Wambsganss
(115)Aaron Ward
(116)Zach Wheat
(117)Fred Williams
(118)Ken Williams
(119)Ivy Wingo
(120)Joe Wood
(121)Tom Zachary

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