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1902-11   W600   Sporting Life Cabinets
Player Checklist

# Player Name Issue
Position Team Years
 in Photo

(1)001aEdward Abbaticchio1903Boston N. L. 1903-05Uniform
(2)001bEdward Abbaticchio1907Pittsburg N. L. 1907-10
(3)002aWilliam Abstein1906Pittsburg N. L. 1906-09Uniform
(4)002bWilliam Abstein1910St. Louis A. L. 1910-10
(5)003Charles B. Adams19094PitcherPittsburg N. L. 1907-26Uniform
(6)004C. A. Alperman19064Second BasemanBrooklyn N. L. 1906-09Uniform
(7)005David Altizer1907Washington A. L. 1906-08
(8)006Nick Altrock19033PitcherChicago A. L. 1903-09Uniform
(9)007Leon Ames1904New York N. L. 1903-13Uniform
(10)008aJohn Anderson1902St. Louis A. L. 1902-03Suit
(11)008bJohn Anderson1904New York A. L. 1904-05
(12)008cJohn Anderson1905Washington A. L. 1905-07
(13)009Frank Arellanes1910Boston A. L. 1908-10
(14)010Charles Armbruster1906Boston A. L. 1905-07Uniform
(15)011William R. Armour1906Detroit A. L. 1905-06
(16)012Harry Arndt1906St. Louis N. L. 1905-07Uniform
(17)013Harry J. Aubrey19032ShortstopBoston N. L. 1903-03Uniform
(18)014James Austin1910New York A. L. 1909-10
(19)015aCharles Babb1903New York N. L. 1903-03Uniform
(20)015bCharles Babb1904Brooklyn N. L. 1904-05
(21)016William Bailey1910St. Louis A. L. 1907-12
(22)017Frank Baker1910Philadelphia A. L. 1908-14Uniform
(23)018J. Barbeau1906Cleveland A. L. 1905-06Uniform
(24)019George O. Barclay19044OutfielderBoston N. L. 1904-05Uniform
(25)020Edward Barger1910Brooklyn N. L. 1910-12
(26)021aJames Barrett19022OutfielderDetroit A. L. 1901-05Suit
(27)021bJames Barrett1906Boston A. L. 1906-08
(28)022aJohn C. Barry1902Philadelphia N. L. 1901-04
(29)022bJohn C. Barry1904Chicago N. L. 1904-05
(30)022cJohn C. Barry1905Cincinnati N. L. 1905-06
(31)022dJohn C. Barry1906St. Louis N. L. 1906-08
(32)023John J. Barry1910Philadelphia A. L. 1908-15Uniform
(33)024Harry L. Barton1905Philadelphia A. L. 1905-05Uniform
(34)025Henry Batch1906Brooklyn N. L. 1904-07Uniform
(35)026Joseph Bates1907Boston N. L. 1906-09Uniform
(36)027Harry Bay1903Cleveland A. L. 1902-08
(37)028aClarence H. Beaumont19022OutfielderPittsburg N. L. 1899-06Suit
(38)028bClarence H. Beaumont19024OutfielderPittsburg N. L. 1899-06Uniform
(39)028cClarence H. Beaumont1907Boston N. L. 1907-09
(40)029Fred Beck1910Boston N. L. 1909-10
(41)030Harry Beckendorf1910Detroit A. L. 1909-10
(42)031aJacob Beckley19022First BasemanCincinnati N. L. 1897-03Uniform
(43)031bJacob Beckley1904St. Louis N. L. 1904-07
(44)032Fred L. Beebe19064PitcherSt. Louis N. L. 1906-09Uniform
(45)033George C. Bell19104PitcherBrooklyn N. L. 1907-11Uniform
(46)034Harry Bemis1903Cleveland A. L. 1902-10
(47)035aCharles Bender1903Philadelphia A. L. 1903-14Suit
(48)035bCharles Bender1903Philadelphia A. L. 1903-14Uniform
(49)036Justin J. Bennett1907St. Louis N. L. 1906-07
(50)037William Bergen1904Brooklyn N. L. 1904-11Uniform
(51)038Charles Berger1907Cleveland A. L. 1907-10Uniform
(52)039William Bernhardt19022PitcherCleveland A. L. 1902-07Suit
(53)040Robert Bescher1910Cincinnati N. L. 1908-13
(54)041aWalter Beville1903New York A. L. 1903-04Uniform
(55)041bWalter Beville1904Detroit A. L. 1904-04
(56)042Russell Blackburne1910Chicago A. L. 1910-29
(57)043Elmer Bliss1910St. Louis N. L. 1908-12
(58)044Frank Bowerman19034CatcherNew York N. L. 1900-07Uniform
(59)045aWilliam J. Bradley19032Third BasemanCleveland A. L. 1901-10Uniform
(60)045bFrank (Wm. J.) Bradley1903Third BasemanCleveland A. L.1901-10
(61)046aDavid L. Brain1903St. Louis N. L. 1903-05
(62)046bDavid L. Brain1905Pittsburg N. L. 1905-05
(63)046cDavid L. Brain1906Boston N. L. 1906-07
(64)047aWilliam Bransfield19022First BasemanPittsburg N. L. 1901-04Suit
(65)047bWilliam Bransfield19023First BasemanPittsburg N. L. 1901-04Uniform
(66)047bWilliam Bransfield1905Philadelphia N. L. 1905-11Uniform
(67)048aRoger Bresnahan19033CatcherNew York N. L. 1902-08Uniform
(68)048bRoger Bresnahan19034CatcherNew York N. L. 1902-08Uniform
(69)048cRoger Bresnahan1909St. Louis N. L. 1909-12Uniform
(70)049Albert Bridwell19064ShortstopBoston N. L. 1906-07Uniform
(71)050aHerbert Briggs1905Chicago N. L. 1896-05
(72)050bHerbert Briggs1906Brooklyn N. L. 1906-06
(73)051aCharles E. Brown1906St. Louis N. L. 1905-07Uniform
(74)051bCharles E. Brown1907Philadelphia N. L. 1907-09
(75)052Mordecai Brown19044PitcherChicago N. L. 1904-12Uniform
(76)053Samuel Brown1907Boston N. L. 1906-07
(77)054George Browne19034OutfielderNew York N. L. 1902-07Uniform
(78)055aFred Buelow1903Detroit A. L. 1901-04Uniform
(79)055bFred Buelow1904Cleveland A. L. 1904-06
(80)056aJames T. Burke1903St. Louis N. L. 1903-05
(81)056bJames T. Burke1906Philadelphia A. L. 1906-06
(82)057aJesse Burkett19032OutfielderSt. Louis A. L. 1902-04Uniform
(83)057bJesse Burkett1905Boston A. L. 1905-05
(84)058James J. Callahan19032PitcherChicago A. L. 1901-13Uniform
(85)059Howard Camnitz1910Pittsburg N. L. 1904-15Uniform
(86)060Wirt V. Cannell1904Boston N. L. 1904-05Uniform
(87)061Joseph Cantillon1907Washington A. L. 1907-09
(88)062George Carey1903Washington A. L. 1902-03Uniform
(89)063P. J. Carney1903Boston N. L. 1901-04
(90)064aCharles C. Carr1904Cleveland A. L. 1904-05
(91)064bCharles C. Carr1906Cincinnati N. L. 1906-06
(92)065William Carrigan1910Boston A. L. 1906-16
(93)066aJames P. Casey1902Chicago N. L. 1902-05Suit
(94)066bJames P. Casey1906Brooklyn N. L. 1906-07
(95)067Joseph Cassidy1904Washington A. L. 1904-05Uniform
(96)068Louis Castro19021InfielderPhiladelphia A. L. 1902-02Suit
(97)069aFrank Chance19021First BasemanChicago N. L. 1898-12Suit
(98)069bFrank Chance19024Mgr. & 1stBChicago N. L. 1898-12Uniform
(99)070Harold Chase19064First BasemanNew York A. L. 1905-13Uniform
(100)071aJack Chesbro19021PitcherPittsburg N. L. 1899-02Suit
(101)071bJack Chesbro19032PitcherPittsburg N. L. 1903-09Suit
(102)071bJack Chesbro1903New York A. L. 1903-09Suit
(103)071cJack Chesbro19034PitcherNew York A. L. 1903-09Uniform
(104)072E. V. Cicotte1910Boston A. L. 1908-12
(105)073aWilliam Clark1903Washington A. L. 1901-04Uniform
(106)073bWilliam Clark1905New York N. L. 1905-05
(107)074aFredrick Clarke19021OutfielderPittsburg N. L. 1900-15Suit
(108)074bFredrick Clarke19032OutfielderPittsburg N. L. 1900-15Suit
(109)074cFredrick Clarke19024Mgr. & OFPittsburg N. L. 1900-15Uniform
(110)075Justin J. Clarke1906Cleveland A. L. 1905-10
(111)076Thomas Clarke1910Cincinnati N. L. 1909-18
(112)077aWalter Clarkson1906New York A. L. 1904-07
(113)077bWalter Clarkson1907Cleveland A. L. 1907-08
(114)078aOtis Clymer1905Pittsburg N. L. 1905-07
(115)078bOtis Clymer1907Washington A. L. 1907-09
(116)079aAndrew Coakley1905Philadelphia A. L. 1902-06Uniform
(117)079bAndrew Coakley1907Cincinnati N. L. 1907-08
(118)080Tyrus R. Cobb19074OutfielderDetroit A. L. 1905-26Uniform
(119)081Edward Collins19074Utility PlayerPhiladelphia A. L. 1906-14Uniform
(120)082James Collins19022Third BasemanBoston A. L. 1901-07Uniform
(121)082bJames Collins19084Third BasemanPhiladelphis A. L. 1907-08Uniform
(122)083aW. M. Congalton1906Cleveland A. L. 1905-07
(123)083bW. M. Congalton1907Boston A. L. 1907-07
(124)084William Conroy19033Third BasemanNew York A. L. 1903-08Uniform
(125)085aRichard Cooley1902Boston N. L. 1901-04Suit
(126)085bRichard Cooley1905Detroit A. L. 1905-05
(127)086John W Coombs1910Philadelphia A. L. 1906-14
(128)087aT. W. Corcoran1904Cincinnati N. L. 1897-06Uniform
(129)087bT. W. Corcoran1907New York N. L. 1907-07
(130)088Frank J. Corridon1907Philadelphia N. L. 1904-09
(131)089aWilliam Coughlin19032Third BasemanWashington A. L. 1901-04Uniform
(132)089bWilliam Coughlin1904Detroit A. L. 1904-08
(133)090Ernest Courtney1905Philadelphia N. L. 1905-08
(134)091Otis Crandall19104PitcherNew York N. L. 1908-13Uniform
(135)092aSamuel Crawford1902Cincinnati N. L. 1899-02Suit
(136)092bSamuel Crawford19034OutfielderDetroit A. L. 1903-17Uniform
(137)093Burde Cree1911New York A. L. 1908-15
(138)094Louis Criger1903Boston A. L. 1901-08Uniform
(139)095Dode Criss1910St. Louis A. L. 1908-11
(140)096Charles Cronin1900****
(141)097aJohn Cronin19032PitcherNew York N. L. 1902-03Uniform
(142)097bJohn Cronin1904Brooklyn N. L. 1904-04
(143)098aLafayette Cross1902Philadelphia A. L. 1901-05Suit
(144)098bLafayette Cross19024Third BasemanPhiladelphia A. L. 1901-05Uniform
(145)098cLafayette Cross1906Washington A. L. 1906-07
(146)099Monte Cross19022ShortstopPhiladelphia A. L. 1902-07Uniform
(147)100aClarence Currie1903St. Louis N. L. 1902-03
(148)100bClarence Currie1903Chicago N. L. 1903-03
(149)101aWilliam Dahlen19022ShortstopBrooklyn N. L. 1899-03Suit
(150)101bWilliam Dahlen1902Brooklyn N. L. 1899-03Uniform
(151)101cWilliam Dahlen1904New York N. L. 1904-07
(152)102aThomas Daly19022Second BasemanChicago A. L. 1902-03Suit
(153)102bThomas Daly1903Cincinnati N. L. 1903-03
(154)103George Davis19023ShortstopChicago A. L. 1902-09Uniform
(155)104Harry Davis19021First BasemanPhiladelphia A. L. 1901-11Suit
(156)105Edward J. Delahanty19022OutfielderWashington A. L. 1902-03Suit
(157)106aJames Delahanty1904Boston N. L. 1904-05
(158)106bJames Delahanty1906Cincinnati N. L. 1906-06
(159)106cJames Delahanty1907St. Louis A. L. 1907-07
(160)106dJames Delahanty1907Washington A. L. 1907-09
(161)107Arthur Devlin19054Third BasemanNew York N. L. 1904-11Uniform
(162)108Joshua DeVore1911New York N. L. 1908-13
(163)109Charles Dexter1903Boston N. L. 1902-03Uniform
(164)110Frank Dillon19033First BasemanBrooklyn N. L. 1903-04Uniform
(165)111aWilliam Dineen19033PitcherBoston A. L. 1902-07Uniform
(166)111bWilliam Dineen19034PitcherBoston A. L. 1902-07Uniform
(167)111cWilliam Dineen1907St. Louis A. L. 1907-09
(168)112John Dobbs1903Brooklyn N. L. 1903-05Uniform
(169)113Edward Doheny1903Pittsburg N. L. 1901-03Uniform
(170)114aHarry Dolan1904Cincinnati N. L. 1903-05
(171)114bHarry Dolan1905Boston N. L. 1905-06
(172)115aFrank Donahue1903St. Louis A. L. 1902-03Uniform
(173)115bFrank Donahue1903Cleveland A. L. 1903-05
(174)115cFrank Donahue19064PitcherDetroit A. L. 1906-06Uniform
(175)116J. 'Jiggs' Donahue1903Chicago A. L. 1904-09Suit
(176)117aMichael Donlin19022OutfielderCincinnati N. L. 1902-04Suit
(177)117bMichael Donlin19044OutfielderNew York N. L. 1904-11Uniform
(178)118aPatrick J. Donovan1902St. Louis N. L. 1900-03Suit
(179)118bPatrick J. Donovan1904Washington A. L. 1904-04
(180)118cPatrick J. Donovan1906Brooklyn N. L. 1906-07Suit
(181)119William Donovan19033PitcherDetroit A. L. 1903-12Uniform
(182)120Charles Dooin1903Philadelphia N. L. 1902-14Uniform
(183)121Michael Doolin1906Philadelphia N. L. 1905-13Uniform
(184)122aThomas Doran1904Boston A. L. 1904-06Uniform
(185)122bThomas Doran1905Detroit A. L. 1905-05
(186)123August Dorner1907Boston N. L. 1906-09
(187)124aPatrick Dougherty1903Boston A. L. 1902-04
(188)124bPatrick Dougherty1904New York A. L. 1904-06Uniform
(189)124cPatrick Dougherty1906Chicago A. L. 1906-11
(190)125William Douglas(s)1902Philadelphia N. L. 1899-04
(191)126Thomas Downey1910Cincinnati N. L. 1909-11
(192)127J. W. Downs1907Detroit A. L. 1907-08Uniform
(193)128aJohn Doyle19032First BasemanBrooklyn N. L. 1903-04Uniform
(194)128bJohn Doyle1904Philadelphia N. L. 1904-04
(195)129Joe Doyle1907New York A. L. 1906-10
(196)130Larry J. Doyle1908New York N. L. 1907-20
(197)131aLouis Drill1903Washington A. L. 1902-04
(198)131bLouis Drill1904Detroit A. L. 1904-05
(199)132Hugh Duffy1905Philadelphia N. L. 1904-06
(200)133aWilliam Duggleby1903Philadelphia N. L. 1898-07Uniform
(201)133bWilliam Duggleby1907Pittsburg N. L. 1907-07
(202)134August Dundon1904Chicago A. L. 1904-06Uniform
(203)135Edward Dunkle1903Washington A. L. 1903-04Uniform
(204)136James Dunleavy1904St. Louis N. L. 1903-05
(205)137John Dunn19033InfielderNew York N. L. 1902-04Uniform
(206)138James H. Dygert19054PitcherPhiladelphia A. L. 1905-10Uniform
(207)139Malcolm Eason19064PitcherBrooklyn N. L. 1905-06Uniform
(208)140Richard J. Egan1910Cincinnati N. L. 1908-13
(209)141Harry Eells1906Cleveland A. L. 1906-06
(210)142aNorman Elberfeld1903Detroit A. L. 1901-03Uniform
(211)142bNorman Elberfeld1903New York A. L. 1903-09Uniform
(212)143Claude Elliott1904New York N. L. 1904-05Uniform
(213)144George Ellis1910St. Louis N. L. 1909-12
(214)145John Eubanks19064PitcherDetroit A. L. 1905-07Uniform
(215)146John Evers19033Second BasebanChicago N. L. 1902-13Uniform
(216)147Robert Ewing19044PitcherCincinnati N. L. 1902-09Uniform
(217)148Fred Falkenberg1906Washington A. L. 1905-08Uniform
(218)149aCharles Farrell19022CatcherBrooklyn N. L. 1899-02Suit
(219)149bCharles Farrell1903Boston A. L. 1903-05
(220)150John Farrell1903St. Louis N. L. 1902-05Uniform
(221)151Cecil Ferguson1906New York N. L. 1906-07
(222)152Hobe Ferris1903Boston A. L. 1901-07Uniform
(223)153Thomas S. Fisher1904Boston N. L. 1904-04
(224)154aPatrick Flaherty1903Chicago A. L. 1903-04Uniform
(225)154bPatrick Flaherty1904Pittsburg N. L. 1904-05
(226)154cPatrick Flaherty1907Boston N. L. 1907-11
(227)155Elmer Flick19032OutfielderCleveland A. L. 1902-10Uniform
(228)156John Flynn1910Pittsburg N. L. 1910-11Uniform
(229)157William Foxen1910Chicago N. L. 1910-11
(230)158aCharles Fraser19032PitcherPhiladelphia N. L. 1899-04Suit
(231)158bCharles Fraser1905Boston N. L. 1905-05
(232)158cCharles Fraser1906Cincinnati N. L. 1906-06
(233)158dCharles Fraser1907Chicago N. L. 1907-09
(234)159aJohn Freeman19022PitcherBoston A. L. 1901-07Uniform
(235)159bJohn "Buck" Freeman1903PitcherBoston A. L.1901-07Uniform
(236)160William Friel1903St. Louis A. L. 1902-03
(237)161Arthur Fromme19104PitcherCincinnati N. L. 1909-13Uniform
(238)162Philip Lewis1908Brooklyn N. L. 1905-08
(239)162aDavid L. Fultz19021OutfielderPhiladelphia A. L. 1901-02Suit
(240)162bDavid L. Fultz19022OutfielderPhiladelphia A. L. 1901-02Suit
(241)162cDavid L. Fultz1904New York A. L. 1903-05Uniform
(242)163aRobert S. Ganley1906Pittsburg N. L. 1905-06
(243)163bRobert S. Ganley1907Washington A. L. 1907-09
(244)164aJohn Ganzell1903New York A. L. 1903-04Uniform
(245)164bJohn Ganzell1907Cincinnati N. L. 1907-08
(246)165Virgil Garvin19032PitcherBrooklyn N. L. 1902-04Uniform
(247)166Harry L. Gaspar1910Cincinnati N. L. 1909-12
(248)167Philip Geier1904Boston N. L. 1904-04Uniform
(249)168aHarry Gessler1903Brooklyn N. L. 1903-06Uniform
(250)168bHarry Gessler1906Chicago N. L. 1906-06
(251)169George Gibson1905Pittsburg N. L. 1905-16Uniform
(252)170Norwood Gibson1903Boston A. L. 1903-06Uniform
(253)171William Gilbert19032Second BasebanNew York N. L. 1903-06Uniform
(254)172Frederick Glade1904St. Louis A. L. 1904-07
(255)173aHarry Gleason1903Boston A. L. 1901-02
(256)173bHarry Gleason1904St. Louis A. L. 1904-05
(257)174William Gleason1903Philadelphia N. L. 1903-08
(258)175William Gochnauer1903Cleveland A. L. 1902-03
(259)176Michael Grady19044CatcherSt. Louis N. L. 1904-06Uniform
(260)177Edward L. Grant1910Philadelphia N. L. 1907-10Uniform
(261)178Daniel Green1903Chicago A. L. 1902-05
(262)179aE. W. Greminger1903Boston N. L. 1902-03Uniform
(263)179bE. W. Greminger1904Detroit A. L. 1904-04
(264)180aClark Griffith1902Chicago A. L. 1901-02
(265)180bClark Griffith19032PitcherNew York A. L. 1903-07Uniform
(266)181Myron Grimshaw1906Boston A. L. 1905-07
(267)182James Hackett19033PitcherSt. Louis N. L. 1902-03Uniform
(268)183Edgar Hahn1906Chicago A. L. 1906-10Uniform
(269)184aFrank Hahn1902Cincinnati N. L. 1899-05Suit
(270)184bFrank Hahn1905New York A. L. 1905-06
(271)185Charles Hall1907Cincinnati N. L. 1906-07
(272)186aWilliam H. Hallman1903Philadelphia N. L. 1901-03
(273)186bWilliam H. Hallman1906Pittsburg N. L. 1906-07
(274)187aEdward Hanlon19054ManagerBrooklyn N. L. 1899-05Suit
(275)187bEdward Hanlon1906Cincinnati N. L. 1906-07
(276)188Richard Harley1903Chicago N. L. 1903-03Uniform
(277)189Robert Harmon1910St. Louis N. L. 1909-13
(278)190aCharles Harper1903Cincinnati N. L. 1903-06Uniform
(279)190bCharles Harper1906Chicago N. L. 1906-06
(280)191Joseph Harris1906Boston A. L. 1905-07
(281)192Harry Hart1906Chicago A. L. 1905-07
(282)193Roy A. Hartzell1906St. Louis A. L. 1906-10
(283)194Fredrick Hartzell19021OutfielderPhiladelphia A. L. 1902-11Uniform
(284)195J. E. Heidrick1903St. Louis A. L. 1902-08
(285)196Charles Hemphill1903St. Louis A. L. 1902-07Uniform
(286)197aWeldon Henley19032PitcherPhiladelphia A. L. 1903-05Suit
(287)197bWeldon Henley1903Philadelphia A. L. 1903-05Uniform
(288)198Otto Hess1904Cleveland A. L. 1902-08Uniform
(289)199Edward Heydon19064CatcherWashington A. L. 1905-07Uniform
(290)200aCharles Hickman1903Cleveland A. L. 1902-04Uniform
(291)200bCharles Hickman1904Detroit A. L. 1904-05
(292)200cCharles Hickman1905Washington A. L. 1905-07
(293)200dCharles Hickman1907Chicago A. L. 1907-07
(294)201aHunter Hill1903St. Louis A. L. 1903-04
(295)201bHunter Hill1904Washington A. L. 1904-05
(296)202H. Hillebrand1905Pittsburg N. L. 1905-08
(297)203Harry Hinchman1907Cleveland A. L. 1907-07
(298)204William Hinchman1907Cleveland A. L. 1907-09
(299)205R. C. Hoblitzel1910Cincinnati N. L. 1908-14
(300)206aDaniel Hoffman19032OutfielderPhiladelphia A. L. 1903-06Uniform
(301)206bDaniel Hoffman1906New York A. L. 1906-07
(302)207Arthur Hofman19064?Chicago N. L. 1904-12Uniform
(303)208William Hogg1906New York A. L. 1905-08
(304)209A. Holesketter1907St. Louis N. L. 1905-08
(305)210William Holmes1903Chicago A. L. 1903-05
(306)211aGeorge Howard19054InfielderPittsburg N. L. 1905-05Uniform
(307)211bGeorge Howard1906Boston N. L. 1906-07
(308)211cGeorge Howard1907Chicago N. L. 1907-09Uniform
(309)212aHarry Howell19021PitcherBaltimore A. L. 1901-02Suit
(310)212bHarry Howell19032PitcherNew York A. L. 1903-03Suit
(311)212cHarry Howell1904St. Louis A. L. 1904-10
(312)213John Hulseman19044OutfielderWashington A. L. 1904-05Uniform
(313)214Miller Huggins19064Second BasebanCincinnati N. L. 1904-09Uniform
(314)215James Hughes19022PitcherBrooklyn N. L. 1899-02Suit
(315)216aThomas Hughes1903Boston A. L. 1902-03Uniform
(316)216bThomas Hughes1904New York A. L. 1904-04
(317)216cThomas Hughes1904Washington A. L. 1904-13
(318)217Rudolph Hulswitt1903Philadelphia N. L. 1902-04
(319)218John H. Hummell1906Brooklyn N. L. 1905-15
(320)219Berthold J. Husting19021PitcherPhiladelphia A. L. 1902-02Suit
(321)220Hamilton Hyatt1909Pittsburg N. L. 1909-14
(322)221Frank Isbell19032First BasemanChicago A. L. 1901-09Uniform
(323)222aFred Jacklitsch19032?Brooklyn N. L. 1903-04Suit
(324)222bFred Jacklitsch1907Philadelphia N. L. 1907-10
(325)223James Jackson1906Cleveland A. L. 1905-06
(326)224aHarry Jacobson1904Washington A. L. 1904-05Uniform
(327)224bHarry Jacobson1906St. Louis A. L. 1906-07
(328)224cHarry Jacobson1907Boston A. L. 1907-07
(329)225aHugh Jennings19022First BasemanPhiladelphia N. L. 1901-02Suit
(330)225bHugh Jennings1907Detroit A. L. 1907-18Uniform
(331)226Charles Jones1905Washington A. L. 1905-07Uniform
(332)227aDavid Jones19044OutfielderChicago N. L. 1902-04Uniform
(333)227bDavid Jones1906Detroit A. L. 1906-12
(334)228aFielder Jones1902Chicago A. L. 1901-08Suit
(335)228bFielder Jones19024OutfielderChicago A. L. 1901-08Uniform
(336)229Oscar Jones1903Brooklyn N. L. 1903-05Uniform
(337)230Thomas Jones1904St. Louis A. L. 1904-09Uniform
(338)231aOtto Jordan1903Brooklyn N. L. 1903-04Uniform
(339)231bOtto Jordan1905Cleveland A. L. 1905-05
(340)232Timothy Jordan19064First BasemanBrooklyn N. L. 1906-10Uniform
(341)233Adrian Joss19034PitcherCleveland A. L. 1902-10Uniform
(342)234aMichael Kahoe1903St. Louis A. L. 1902-04Uniform
(343)234bMichael Kahoe1905Philadelphia N. L. 1905-05
(344)234cMichael Kahoe1907Chicago N. L. 1907-07
(345)234dMichael Kahoe1907Washington A. L. 1907-09
(346)235Edward Karger19104PitcherBoston A. L. 1909-11Uniform
(347)236Robert Keefe1906New York A. L. 1906-07
(348)237aWilliam Keeler19021OutfielderBrooklyn N. L. 1899-02Suit
(349)237bWilliam Keeler1903New York A. L. 1903-09Suit
(350)238William Keister1903Philadelphia N. L. 1903-03Uniform
(351)239aJoseph J. Kelley19021OutfielderCincinnati N. L. 1902-06Suit
(352)239bJoseph J. Kelley?4Mgr. & OFCincinnati N. L. 1902-06Suit
(353)240William Kennedy19032PitcherPittsburg N. L. 1903-03Suit
(354)241Edward Killian19044PitcherDetroit A. L. 1904-10Uniform
(355)242James Kissinger1903Detroit A. L. 1902-03Uniform
(356)243aFrank Kitson19022PitcherBrooklyn N. L. 1900-02Suit
(357)243bFrank Kitson1903Detroit A. L. 1903-05Suit
(358)243cFrank Kitson1906Washington A. L. 1906-07
(359)243dFrank Kitson1907New York A. L. 1907-07
(360)244Malachi Kittridge1903Washington A. L. 1903-06
(361)245aJohn Kleinow1905New York A. L. 1904-10Suit
(362)245bJohn Kleinow1905New York A. L. 1904-10Uniform
(363)246John Kling1903Chicago N. L. 1900-11Uniform
(364)247F. Otto Knabe1910Philadelphia N. L. 1907-13
(365)248aJohn Knight1905Philadelphia A. L. 1905-07Uniform
(366)248bJohn Knight1907Boston A. L. 1907-07
(367)249Bernard Koehler1906St. Louis A. L. 1905-06
(368)250Edward Konetchy1907St. Louis N. L. 1907-13Uniform
(369)251Harry Krause19104PitcherPhiladelphia A. L. 1908-12Uniform
(370)252aOtto Krueger19033InfielderPittsburg N. L. 1903-04Uniform
(371)252bOtto Krueger1905Philadelphia N. L. 1905-05
(372)253George LaChance19032First BasemanBoston A. L. 1902-05Uniform
(373)254aNapoleon Lajoie19021Second BasemanCleveland A. L. 1902-14Suit
(374)254bNapoleon Lajoie19022Second BasemanCleveland A. L. 1902-14Uniform
(375)254cNapoleon Lajoie?4InfielderCleveland A. L. 1902-14Uniform
(376)255Joseph Lake1910St. Louis A. L. 1910-12
(377)256Frank Laporte1906New York A. L. 1905-10
(378)257Louis Laroy1900****
(379)258William Lauder1903New York N. L. 1902-03Uniform
(380)259Thomas Leach19023Third BasemanPittsburg N. L. 1900-12Uniform
(381)260aWyatt Lee19032PitcherWashington A. L. 1901-03Uniform
(382)260bWyatt Lee1904Pittsburg N. L. 1904-04
(383)261aSamuel Leever19022PitcherPittsburg N. L. 1898-10Suit
(384)261bSamuel Leever1902Pittsburg N. L. 1898-10Uniform
(385)263Vive A. Lindaman1906Boston N. L. 1906-09
(386)264P. Livingston1910Philadelphia A. L. 1909-11
(387)265John Lobert1907Cincinnati N. L. 1905-10
(388)266aHerman Long1902Boston N. L. 1890-02Suit
(389)266bHerman Long19022ShortstopBoston N. L. 1890-02Uniform
(390)266cHerman Long1903Detroit A. L. 1903-03
(391)266dHerman Long1903New York A. L. 1903-03Uniform
(392)267Briscoe Lord19054OutfielderPhiladelphia A. L. 1905-07Uniform
(393)268Harry D. Lord1910Chicago A. L. 1910-14
(394)269Robert H. Lowe1907Detroit A. L. 1904-07
(395)270Arthur Lumley19044OutfielderBrooklyn N. L. 1904-10Uniform
(396)271Carl Lundgren1903Chicago N. L. 1902-09Uniform
(397)272aWilliam L. Lush1903Detroit A. L. 1903-03
(398)272bWilliam L. Lush1904Cleveland A. L. 1904-04
(399)273aMichael M. Lynch1906Pittsburg N. L. 1904-07
(400)273bMichael M. Lynch1907New York N. L. 1907-07
(401)274Connie Mack1902Philadelphia A. L. 1901-50Suit
(402)275Nick Maddox1909Pittsburg N. L. 1907-10Uniform
(403)276Sherwood Magee19054OutfielderPhiladelphia N. L. 1904-14Uniform
(404)277George H. Magoon1903Chicago A. L. 1903-03Uniform
(405)278John Malarkey1903Boston N. L. 1902-03
(406)279aWilliam Maloney19054OutfielderChicago N. L. 1905-05Uniform
(407)279bWilliam Maloney1906Brooklyn N. L. 1906-08
(408)280aWilliam R. Marshal1905New York N. L. 1904-06Uniform
(409)280bWilliam R. Marshal1906St. Louis N. L. 1906-08
(410)280cWilliam R. Marshal1909Brooklyn N. L. 1909-09
(411)281aChristopher Mathewson.19022PitcherNew York N. L. 1900-16Suit
(412)281bChristopher Mathewson.1902?4PitcherNew York N. L. 1900-16Uniform
(413)282James R. McAleer1906St. Louis A. L. 1903-09
(414)283Louis McAllister1903Detroit A. L. 1901-03Uniform
(415)284aJohn McCarthy1903Cleveland A. L. 1901-03Uniform
(416)284bJohn McCarthy1903Chicago N. L. 1903-05
(417)284cJohn McCarthy1906Brooklyn N. L. 1906-07
(418)285John J. McCloskey1906St. Louis N. L. 1906-08
(419)286Ambrose McConnell1910Boston A. L. 1908-10Uniform
(420)287aBarry McCormick1903St. Louis A. L. 1902-03
(421)287bBarry McCormick1903Washington A. L. 1903-04
(422)288Michael McCormick1904Brooklyn N. L. 1904-04
(423)289aCharles McFarland1903St. Louis N. L. 1902-06Uniform
(424)289bCharles McFarland1906Pittsburg N. L. 1906-06
(425)290Edward McFarland1902Chicago A. L. 1902-07Suit
(426)291Herman McFarland1903New York A. L. 1903-03
(427)292John McFetridge1903Philadelphia N. L. 1903-03Uniform
(428)293D. L. McGann19033First BasemanNew York N. L. 1902-07Uniform
(429)294aJoseph McGinnity19022PitcherNew York N. L. 1902-08Suit
(430)294bJoseph McGinnity1902?4PitcherNew York N. L. 1902-08Uniform
(431)295aJohn J. McGraw19021InfielderNew York N. L. 1902-06Suit
(432)295bJohn J. McGraw19024ManagerNew York N. L. 1902-06Suit
(433)296aJames McGuire19032CatcherDetroit A. L. 1902-03Uniform
(434)296bJames McGuire1904New York A. L. 1904-07
(435)296cJames McGuire1907Boston A. L. 1907-08
(436)297Harry McIntyre19054PitcherBrooklyn N. L. 1905-09Uniform
(437)298Matthew McIntyre19043OutfielderDetroit A. L. 1904-10Suit
(438)299John B. McLean1910Cincinnati N. L. 1906-12
(439)300George W. McQuillan1907Philadelphia N. L. 1907-16
(440)301John Menefee1903Chicago N. L. 1900-03Uniform
(441)302Fred Merkle1908New York N. L. 1907-26Uniform
(442)303aSamuel Mertes19033OutfielderNew York N. L. 1903-06Uniform
(443)303bSamuel Mertes1906St. Louis N. L. 1906-06
(444)303cSamuel Mertes1907Boston N. L. 1907-07
(445)304Clyde Milan1910Washington A. L. 1907-22Uniform
(446)305John B. Miller1909Pittsburg N. L. 1909-13Uniform
(447)306aRoscoe Miller19032PitcherNew York N. L. 1902-03Uniform
(448)306bRoscoe Miller1903Pittsburg N. L. 1903-04Uniform
(449)307William Milligan1904New York N. L. 1904-04
(450)308aFredrick Mitchell19032PitcherPhiladelphia N. L. 1902-04Suit
(451)308bFredrick Mitchell1904Brooklyn N. L. 1904-05
(452)309M. F. Mitchell1910Cincinnati N. L. 1907-12
(453)310aEarl Moore1903Cleveland A. L. 1901-07Uniform
(454)310bEarl Moore1907New York A. L. 1907-07
(455)311aCharles P. Moran1904Washington A. L. 1903-04
(456)311bCharles P. Moran1904St. Louis A. L. 1904-05
(457)312aPatrick J. Moran1902Boston N. L. 1901-05Suit
(458)312bP. J. Moran19064CatcherChicago N. L. 1906-09Uniform
(459)313Lewis H. Moren19104PitcherPhiladelphia N. L. 1907-10Uniform
(460)314Harry R. Morgan19104PitcherPhiladelphia A. L. 1909-12Uniform
(461)315Eugene Moriarty1906New York A. L. 1906-08Uniform
(462)316John Morrissey19032InfielderCincinnati N. L. 1902-03Uniform
(463)317Michael Mowery1907Cincinnati N. L. 1905-09
(464)318George Mullin19034PitcherDetroit A. L. 1902-13Uniform
(465)319aDaniel Murphy19021Second BasemanPhiladelphia A. L. 1902-13Suit
(466)319bDaniel Murphy19024?Philadelphia A. L. 1902-13Uniform
(467)320John J. Murray1907St. Louis N. L. 1906-08
(468)321William Murray1907Philadelphia N. L. 1907-09
(469)322Joseph Nealon19064First BasemanPittsburg N. L. 1906-07Uniform
(470)323Daniel Needham1904Boston N. L. 1904-07
(471)324Eustace Newton19064PitcherNew York A. L. 1905-09Uniform
(472)325Simon Nicholls1907Philadelphia A. L. 1906-09
(473)326Harry Niles1906St. Louis A. L. 1906-07Uniform
(474)327aGeorge Nill1906Washington A. L. 1904-07Uniform
(475)327bGeorge Nill1907Cleveland A. L. 1907-08
(476)328Peter Noonan1906St. Louis N. L. 1906-07
(477)329John O'Brien1903Boston A. L. 1903-03Uniform
(478)330aPeter O'Brien1906St. Louis A. L. 1906-06
(479)330bPeter O'Brien1907Cleveland A. L. 1907-07
(480)330cPeter O'Brien1907Washington A. L. 1907-07
(481)331aJohn O'Connor1902Pittsburg N. L. 1900-02
(482)331bJohn O'Connor1903New York A. L. 1903-03Uniform
(483)331cJohn O'Connor1904St. Louis A. L. 1904-10
(484)332Reuben Oldring1906Philadelphia A. L. 1906-18
(485)333Charles O'Leary19044ShortstopDetroit A. L. 1904-12Uniform
(486)334aJohn J. O'Neil19033CatcherSt. Louis N. L. 1902-03Uniform
(487)334bJohn J. O'Neil1904Chicago N. L. 1904-05
(488)334cJohn J. O'Neil1906Boston N. L. 1906-06
(489)335aMicheal J. O'Neil1903St. Louis N. L. 1901-04Uniform
(490)335bMicheal J. O'Neil1906Brooklyn N. L. 1906-06
(491)336aAlbert Orth1903Washington A. L. 1902-04Uniform
(492)336bAlbert Orth1904New York A. L. 1904-09
(493)337Orville Overall1906Chicago N. L. 1906-13Uniform
(494)338Frank Owen1903Chicago A. L. 1903-09Uniform
(495)339Richard Padden1903St. Louis A. L. 1901-05
(496)340aFrederick Parent19023ShortstopBoston A. L. 1901-07Uniform
(497)340bFrederick Parent19084ShortstopChicago A. L. 1908-11Uniform
(498)341George Paskert1910Cincinnati N. L. 1907-10
(499)342James Pastorious1906Brooklyn N. L. 1906-09
(500)343Case Patten1903Washington A. L. 1901-08
(501)344Roy Patterson19032PitcherChicago A. L. 1901-07Uniform
(502)345Frederick Payne1906Detroit A. L. 1906-08Uniform
(503)346aHenry Peitz1904Cincinnati N. L. 1896-04Uniform
(504)346bHenry Peitz1905Pittsburg N. L. 1905-06
(505)347Barney Pelty1904St. Louis A. L. 1903-12
(506)348aFrank Pfeiffer1905Chicago N. L. 1905-05Uniform
(507)348bFrank Pfeiffer1906Boston N. L. 1906-08
(508)349John Pfiester19074PitcherChicago N. L. 1906-11Uniform
(509)350aEdward Phelps1903Pittsburg N. L. 1902-08Uniform
(510)350bEdward Phelps1905Cincinnati N. L. 1905-06
(511)351Charles Phillippe1903Pittsburg N. L. 1900-11Uniform
(512)352William Phillips19022PitcherCincinnati N. L. 1895-03Suit
(513)353Wiley Piatt1903Boston N. L. 1903-03
(514)354aOliver Pickering19032OutfielderPhiladelphia A. L. 1903-04Uniform
(515)354bOliver Pickering1906St. Louis A. L. 1906-07
(516)355aCharles R. Pittinger1903Boston N. L. 1900-04Uniform
(517)355bCharles R. Pittinger1905Philadelphia N. L. 1905-07
(518)356aEdward S. Plank19021PitcherPhiladelphia A. L. 1901-14Suit
(519)356bEdward S. Plank1902?4PitcherPhiladelphia A. L. 1901-14Uniform
(520)357aEdward Poole19032PitcherCincinnati N. L. 1902-03Suit
(521)357bEdward Poole1904Brooklyn N. L. 1904-04
(522)358aJohn Powell1903St. Louis A. L. 1902-12Uniform
(523)358bJohn Powell1904New York A. L. 1904-05Uniform
(524)359Maurice Powers1902Philadelphia A. L. 1901-05Suit
(525)360William Purtell1910Boston A. L. 1910-11
(526)361Ambrose Puttman1905New York A. L. 1903-05Uniform
(527)362Thomas Raub1903Chicago N. L. 1903-03
(528)363Fredrick C. Raymer19043Second BasemanBoston N. L. 1904-05Uniform
(529)364William Reidy1903Brooklyn N. L. 1903-04Uniform
(530)365Edward Reulbach1907Chicago N. L. 1905-13
(531)366R. S. Rhoades1903Cleveland A. L. 1903-09
(532)367Lewis Richie1910Chicago N. L. 1910-13
(533)368Branch Rickey1907New York A. L. 1907-07
(534)369aClaude Ritchey19021Second BasemanPittsburg N. L. 1900-06Suit
(535)369bClaude Ritchey19023Second BasemanPittsburg N. L. 1900-06Uniform
(536)369cClaude Ritchey1907Boston N. L. 1907-09
(537)370Louis Ritter1903Brooklyn N. L. 1902-08Uniform
(538)371Clyde Robinson1904Detroit A. L. 1904-04
(539)372George Rohe1906Chicago A. L. 1905-07Uniform
(540)373aClaude Rossman19064First BasemanCleveland A. L. 1904-06Uniform
(541)373bClaude Rossman1907Detroit A. L. 1907-09
(542)374aFrank Roth19032Philadelphia N. L. 1903-04Uniform
(543)374bFrank Roth1905St. Louis A. L. 1905-05
(544)374cFrank Roth1906Chicago A. L. 1906-06
(545)375John Rowan1910Cincinnati N. L. 1908-14
(546)376James Ryan19021OutfielderWashington A. L. 1902-03Suit
(547)377Harry Sallee1910St. Louis N. L. 1908-16
(548)378Herman Schaefer1907Detroit A. L. 1905-09
(549)379George Schlei1906Cincinnati N. L. 1904-08Uniform
(550)380Charles Schmidt1906Detroit A. L. 1906-11Uniform
(551)381Harry Schmidt19031PitcherBrooklyn N. L. 1903-03Uniform
(552)382aOssee F. Schreckengost1902Philadelphia A. L. 1902-08Suit
(553)382bOssee F. Schreckengost19021CatcherPhiladelphia A. L. 1902-08Uniform
(554)383Frank Schulte19054OutfielderChicago N. L. 1904-16Uniform
(555)384Al Schweitzer1910St. Louis A. L. 1908-11
(556)385aJames Sebring19033OutfielderPittsburg N. L. 1902-04Uniform
(557)385bJames Sebring1904Cincinnati N. L. 1904-05
(558)385cJames Sebring1905Chicago N. L. 1905-05
(559)386aAlbert Selbach19032OutfielderWashington A. L. 1903-04Uniform
(560)386bAlbert Selbach1904Boston A. L. 1904-06
(561)387Ralph O. ''Socks' Seybold19021OutfielderPhiladelphia A. L. 1901-08Suit
(562)388aJ. Bentley Seymour1903Cincinnati N. L. 1902-06Uniform
(563)388bJ. Bentley Seymour19064OutfielderNew York N. L. 1906-10Uniform
(564)389Arthur Shafer1910New York N. L. 1909-13
(565)390aW. P. Shannon1904St. Louis N. L. 1904-06
(566)390bW. P. Shannon1906New York N. L. 1906-08
(567)391Daniel Shay1904St. Louis N. L. 1904-05
(568)392David W. Shean1910Boston N. L. 1909-12
(569)393aJames Sheckard19022OutfielderBrooklyn N. L. 1900-05Suit
(570)393bJames Sheckard1906Chicago N. L. 1906-12Uniform
(571)394aEdward Siever1903Detroit A. L. 1901-08
(572)394bEdward Siever19032PitcherSt. Louis A. L. 1903-04Uniform
(573)395James Slagle19033OutfielderChicago N. L. 1902-08Uniform
(574)396John Slattery1903Chicago A. L. 1903-03
(575)397aAlexander Smith1903Boston A. L. 1903-03Uniform
(576)397bAlexander Smith1904Chicago N. L. 1904-04
(577)397cAlexander Smith1906New York N. L. 1906-06
(578)398Charles Smith1910Boston A. L. 1909-11
(579)399Edward Smith1906St. Louis A. L. 1906-06
(580)400Frank Smith19044PitcherChicago A. L. 1904-10Uniform
(581)401Harry Smith19022CatcherPittsburg N. L. 1902-07Suit
(582)402Heinie Smith1903Detroit A. L. 1903-03Suit
(583)403aHomer Smoot1903St. Louis N. L. 1902-06
(584)403bHomer Smoot1906Cincinnati N. L. 1906-06
(585)404Frank Sparks1903Philadelphia N. L. 1903-10Uniform
(586)405aCharles 'Chic' Stahl19021OutfielderBoston A. L. 1901-06Uniform
(587)405bCharles "Chic" Stahl1904OutfielderBoston A. L.1901-06Uniform
(588)406aJacob G. Stahl19033CatcherBoston A. L. 1903-03Uniform
(589)406bJacob G. Stahl19044Washington A. L. 1904-06Uniform
(590)407aJ. B. Stanley1903Boston N. L. 1903-04Uniform
(591)407bJ. B. Stanley1905Washington A. L. 1905-06
(592)408aHarry Steinfeldt1902Cincinnati N. L. 1898-05Suit
(593)408bHarry Steinfeldt1905Chicago N. L. 1905-10Uniform
(594)409James Stephens1910St. Louis A. L. 1910-13
(595)410George Stone19054OutfielderSt. Louis A. L. 1905-10Uniform
(596)411George Stovall1904Cleveland A. L. 1904-11
(597)412Jesse Stovall1904Detroit A. L. 1904-04
(598)413aSamuel Strang1903Brooklyn N. L. 1903-04Uniform
(599)413bSamuel Strang19054Third BasemanNew York N. L. 1905-08Uniform
(600)414Elmer Stricklett1906Brooklyn N. L. 1905-07
(601)415aWilliam Sudhoff1903St. Louis A. L. 1902-05Uniform
(602)415bWilliam Sudhoff1906Washington A. L. 1906-06
(603)416Joseph Sugden1903St. Louis A. L. 1902-05
(604)417George Suggs1910Cincinnati N. L. 1910-13
(605)418William D. Sullivan1902Chicago A. L. 1901-14
(606)419Edgar Summers1909Detroit A. L. 1908-12
(607)420William J. Sweeney1910Boston N. L. 1907-13
(608)421aJesse Tannehill1903New York A. L. 1903-03
(609)421bJesse Tannehill1904Boston A. L. 1904-08Uniform
(610)422Lee Tannehill1903Chicago A. L. 1903-12Uniform
(611)423aJohn Taylor1902Chicago N. L. 1898-07Uniform
(612)423bJohn Taylor1904St. Louis N. L. 1904-06Uniform
(613)424Luther H. Taylor19034PitcherNew York N. L. 1900-08Uniform
(614)425Fred Tenney1903Boston N. L. 1894-07Uniform
(615)426Ira Thomas1906New York A. L. 1906-07Uniform
(616)427Roy Thomas1903Philadelphia N. L. 1899-08Uniform
(617)428aJohn Thoney1903Cleveland A. L. 1902-03Uniform
(618)428bJohn Thoney1904Washington A. L. 1904-04
(619)428cJohn Thoney1904New York A. L. 1904-04
(620)429Joseph B. Tinker19033ShortstopChicago N. L. 1902-16Uniform
(621)430aJohn Townsend1903Washington A. L. 1902-05
(622)430bJohn Townsend1906Cleveland A. L. 1906-06
(623)431Terrence Turner1904Cleveland A. L. 1904-18Uniform
(624)432Robert Unglaub19054Boston A. L. 1904-08Uniform
(625)433aGeorge Van Haltren1902New York N. L. 1894-03Suit
(626)433bGeorge Van Haltren19021OutfielderNew York N. L. 1894-03Uniform
(627)433cGeorge Van Haltren?3New York N. L. 1894-03Uniform
(628)434Fred Veil1903Pittsburg N. L. 1903-04Uniform
(629)435aErnest Vinson1905Cleveland A. L. 1904-05
(630)435bErnest Vinson1905Chicago A. L. 1905-06
(631)436aGeorge E. ''Rube' Waddell19021PitcherPhiladelphia A. L. 1902-07Suit
(632)436bGeorge E. ''Rube' Waddell19022PitcherPhiladelphia A. L. 1902-07Suit
(633)436cGeorge Edward Waddell.1908St. Louis A. L. 1908-10Uniform
(634)437Charles Wagner1910Boston A. L. 1906-18Uniform
(635)438aJohn 'Hans' Wagner19022ShortstopPittsburg N. L. 1900-17Suit
(636)438bJohn 'Hans' Wagner19024ShortstopPittsburg N. L. 1900-17Uniform
(637)439Robert Wallace19022St. Louis A. L. 1902-16Uniform
(638)440Edward A. Walsh19044PitcherChicago A. L. 1904-16Uniform
(639)441aJohn Warner19032New York N. L. 1896-04Uniform
(640)441bJohn Warner1905St. Louis N. L. 1905-05Uniform
(641)441cJohn Warner1905Detroit A. L. 1905-06
(642)441dJohn Warner1906Washington A. L. 1906-08
(643)442aArthur Weaver1903Pittsburg N. L. 1903-03Uniform
(644)442bArthur Weaver1905St. Louis A. L. 1903-03
(645)443aJacob Weimer1903Chicago N. L. 1903-05Uniform
(646)443bJacob Weimer1906Cincinnati N. L. 1906-08Uniform
(647)444G. Harry White1903Chicago A. L. 1903-13Uniform
(648)445aRobert Wicker19033PitcherChicago N. L. 1903-06Uniform
(649)445bRobert Wicker1906Cincinnati N. L. 1906-06
(650)446aFredrick Wilhelm1903Pittsburg N. L. 1903-03Uniform
(651)446bFredrick Wilhelm1904Boston N. L. 1904-05
(652)447Edgar Willett1907Detroit A. L. 1906-13Uniform
(653)448aJames Williams1902Baltimore A. L. 1902-02Suit
(654)448bJames Williams1903New York A. L. 1903-07Suit
(655)448cJames Williams1903New York A. L. 1903-07Uniform
(656)449aOtto G. Williams1904Chicago N. L. 1903-04
(657)449bOtto G. Williams1905Philadelphia A. L. 1905-05
(658)449cOtto G. Williams1906Washington A. L. 1906-06
(659)450aVictor Willis1903Boston N. L. 1898-05Uniform
(660)450bVictor Willis1906Pittsburg N. L. 1906-09Uniform
(661)451aHoward P. Wilson19021PitcherPhiladelphia A. L. 1902-02Suit
(662)451bHoward P. Wilson1903Washington A. L. 1903-04
(663)451cHoward P. Wilson1906Cleveland A. L. 1906-06
(664)452J. Owen Wilson1910Pittsburg N. L. 1908-13Uniform
(665)453George Wiltse1904New York N. L. 1904-14Uniform
(666)454aLouis Wiltse1902Baltimore A. L. 1902-02
(667)454bLouis Wiltse1903New York A. L. 1903-03
(668)455George Winters1902Boston A. L. 1901-08Suit
(669)456William Wolfe1904Washington A. L. 1904-06
(670)457Robert Wood1904Detroit A. L. 1904-05
(671)458aHarry Wolverton19022Third BasemanPhiladelphia N. L. 1900-04Suit
(672)458bHarry Wolverton1905Boston N. L. 1905-05
(673)459aEugene Wright19032Cleveland A. L. 1902-03Uniform
(674)459bEugene Wright1903St. Louis A. L. 1903-04
(675)460aJoseph Yeager1902Detroit A. L. 1901-03Suit
(676)460bJoseph Yeager1905New York A. L. 1905-06
(677)460cJoseph Yeager1907St. Louis A. L. 1907-08
(678)461aDenton 'Cy' Young19022PitcherBoston A. L. 1901-08Uniform
(679)461bDenton 'Cy' Young19044PitcherBoston A. L. 1901-08Uniform
(680)461cDenton 'Cy' Young19094PitcherCleveland A. L. 1909-11Uniform
(681)462Irving Young19054PitcherBoston N. L. 1905-08Uniform
(682)463David Zearfoss1904St. Louis N. L. 1904-05Uniform
(683)464aCharles Zimmer19022Pittsburg N. L. 1900-02Uniform
(684)464bCharles Zimmer1903Philadelphia N. L. 1903-03
(685)465H. Zimmerman1910Chicago N. L. 1907-16

# Player Name Issue
Position Team Years
 in Photo

Note: Entry in the "MT" or "Position" or "Attire in Photo" fields indicates card has been verified.

* MT Field indicates one of four variations in the card Mount Type as follows:
    (1) Flower and leaf design printed in middle of promotional ad at bottom
    (2) Crossed bats and ball design; ad starts with "Compliments of ..."
    (3) Same as (2) except "Compliments of ..." removed
    (4) Embossed (light colored) ad at bottom

** On MLB roster but never played in any games.

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