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1889   E. R. Williams Card Game
Player Checklist

Card Play Player 1 Career Player 2 Career

(1)15Cap Anson1871-97Buck Ewing1880-97
(2)14Dan Brouthers1879-04Arlie Latham1880-09
(3) 4Charles Buffinton1882-92Bob Carruthers1884-92
(4)17Hick Carpenter 1879-92Cliff Carroll1882-93
(5) 4John Clarkson1882-94Tim Keefe1880-93
(6)10Charles Comiskey1882-94Roger Connor1880-97
(7)11Pop Corkhill 1883-92Jim Fogarty1884-90
(8)12Jerry Denny 1881-94Mike Tiernan1887-99
(9)11Dave Foutz1884-96King Kelly1878-93
(10)17Pud Galvin1875-92Dave Orr1883-90
(11)16Jack Glasscock1879-95Tommy Tucker1887-99
(12)16Mike Griffin1887-98Ed McKean1887-99
(13)10Dummy Hoy1888-02John Reilley (Reilly)1880-91
(14)17Arthur Irwin1880-94Ned Williamson1881-87
(15) 4Silver King1886-97John Tener1885-90
(16)16Al Myers1884-91Cub Stricker1882-93
(17)11Fred Pfeffer1882-97Jimmy Wolf1882-92
(18) 4Toad Ramsey1885-90Gus Weyhing1887-01
(19)13John Ward1878-94Curt Welch1884-93

1) The E. R. Williams cards are not numbered. They are listed here alphabetically by last name (after first arranging the two players on each card in alphabetical order).
2) Names in bold indicate the ten players from the set now in baseball's Hall of Fame.

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