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Year ACC # # in
  Card Set Name

1905-50"PCs"n/a$0 GALLERY OF SETS
1908-11PC74363$245 H. H. Bregstone Postcards
1938PC744?$40 Geo. Burke Postcards
1939+PC754var.$3 HOF Plaque Sets (4 sets)
1915PC7576$65 Sporting News Postcards
1909-16PC75825$150 Max Stein Postcards
1908-09PC760196$450 Rose Company Postcards
1907-09PC765var.$45 Dietsche Postcards (4 sets)
1912PC7664$45 Robert Robinson Artwork PCs
1908PC77016$250 Am. League Pub. Co. PC's
1909PC773-120$175 Topping & Co. Detroit Tigers
1907-09PC773-28$170 H. M. Taylor Co. PC
1908PC773-320$70 Wolverine News Co.
1908PC773-416$230 Detroit Free Press Tigers
1907PC77516$120 Grignon Chicago Cubs
1907PC77811$80 Morgan Stationery "Red Belts"
1905?PC7828?$275 Rotograph
1905PC78518$250 Souvenir PC Shop of Cleveland
1938-39PC78637$55 Orcajo Cincinnati Reds
1905-09PC7926$15 Gold Embossed Players
1910PC79625$225 Sepia Postcards
1948PC79712$0 Gunther Beer Senators PCs
1910sPC79812$10 BASEBALL COMIC PCs
1919PC79924$45 Cincinnati Reds Champions
1908PC80015$85 Pirates Vignettes
1910PC80525$350 Novelty Cutlery Postcards
1905--2$125 Souvenir PC (Giants Scrcd.)
1905-06--20$140 Lincoln Pubs. Phila. Athletics
1906--12$400 Ullman "Art Frame Series"
1907--24?$1,500 Winthrop Moving Picture PC
1906--16$27 Columbus Dispatch Post Cards
1906-07--16$340 Sporting Life Team Composites
1906-09--2+$165 V. O. Hammon PCs
1907--16$225 Geo. W. Hull White Sox
1907--2$125 Simplicity Tigers-Cubs
1907--2+$55 Green's Nebraska Indians
1908--19$95 "$-Shield" Postcards
1908--5$425 Our Home Team
1908--1$235 A. C. Williams Cy Young
1908--10$300 Brush Automobile
1910--6$475 Monarch Typewriter
1914--7$750 Semon "Evening Sun" PCs
1914--18+$480 E & S
1925--8?$55 Managers Series PCs
1930-32--11+$400 Harrison Studios
1932--8$95 Charles Denby Cigars (Cubs)
1932--22$65 NY Giants Schedule
1935--7$500 Pebble Beach Clothier

* Estimated Value is for card of common player; VG condition.

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